Lee Hyori’s Comeback and Past of Fin.K.L Members

[by Lee Heesoo] Singer and actress Lee Hyori has acquired the title of ‘Sexy Queen’ with her songs such as ‘Ten Minutes’ and ‘U Go Girl’. She has been enjoying her life in Jeju Island after getting married, and she will appear in the K-pop scene again in 2017.

At first, Lee Hyori gained great popularity by boasting her lovely charm along with other members in her group ‘Fin.K.L’, as a ‘fairy idol’. In around 20 years from then, how about looking back on the past of Fin.K.L members for Lee Hyori’s comeback? You would recall your memories in the 1990s.

1. Sung Yuri
Sung Yuri looked so innocent that she was called the most beautiful member in Fin.K.L. Though 18 years have passed since then, her skin is still clean as if it stays in the year of 1998. What has changed is the fact that she has grown up to be an actress from an idol by appearing in movies and dramas. Her looks that she will show to the general public through a variety of acting are expected.

2. Ok Joohyun

Ok Joohyun has boasted her great singing skills from the past. She attracts the attention with her innocent looks. Now she has settled as a musical actress. She is displaying activities as a beautiful musical actress, and has settled as a star women want to be like with her confidence.

3. Lee Jin

In the period of Fin.K.L, Lee Jin’s cute, young face stood out. She had maniac fans for her beauty. She has let herself be known to the general public by participating in official events and acting in dramas. She got married in Hawaii in the early 2016, and she is now leading her newlywed life.

4. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori has grown a legendary star in the K-pop scene with her numerous hit numbers and professional image. But, her smile with her eyes is still the same. She also gave fun to the general public in entertainment shows. She got married with singer Lee Sang-soon in 2013, and is leading her life in Jeju Island. She is going to come back to the K-pop scene in 2017 after three years.

▶ How Do They Keep Beautiful Body Line even after Years?

Even after almost 20 years, Fin.K.L members, especially Ok Joohyun, has succeeded in keeping her body line. Lee Hyo-ri also has settled as a byword for a sexy body. As they say nothing is accomplished without effort, their body line must be a result of their strict care for a perfect silhouette.

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