Pick ‘Black’ Also for This Winter!

[by Lee Jushin] In winter, fashion people aim at those days when the weather is pretty warm. Then, they wear bold items that they couldn’t wear because of the cold weather.

Warm weather comes when you are getting sick of a thick down jacket you have worn like a uniform. If you can’t select any special outfit for those warm days, you had better refer to the fashion of stars who always attract the attention with unique fashion. 

In December, which has the most events in a year, which styles have stars chosen? Black fashion captivates the eyes, and here’s how stars have presented all-black fashion with chic charm. 

#Lee Si Young_ Hot Pants + Thigh High Boots

Lee Si Young, a new MC for SBS ‘Paik Jong Won’s Three Great Emperors’ on SBS, appeared at the opening event for the exhibition ‘Crystal from Swarovski’.

She captivated the eyes with all-black fashion, wearing a coat with embroidery and leather short pants and showing her sexy charm. 

[Editor Pick]
If you want to enjoy short pants also in winter, it would be good to use thigh high boots. Match them with a long coat as Lee Si-young did, and you can show your beautiful legs. If you match thigh high boots with a glamorous fur jacket, you can attract all the attention for sure.

#Lee Yoon Mi_ Long Coat + Long Dress

Lee Yoon Mi, who is known to be devoted couple in the South Korean entertainment scene, attended the launch event for the brand collaboration ‘CLEMATIS and MILKHOUSE’. She matched a black coat and a long see0through dress, boasting her flawless body line. She gave a color point to her bag and shoes, showing her beauty.

[Editor Pick] Black and white make a fantastic color match. If you have selected a black outerwear, how about matching a white dress? A long dress is also proper for wearing on a cold day. Frilly hemline can also display your feminine charm. 

#Choi Yeo Jin_ Belt for Helping You Look Slimmer

Choi Yeo Jjin, who is a fashionista also famous as a good daughter, attracted the attention with her sexy body line at ‘The 1st Chungdam Collection’. She showed a standard all-black fashion, showing her beautiful legs by wearing a black fur jacket and a mini-dress. 

[Editor Pick]
Give a point to a coat, which covers your body, with a waist belt, and you can complete a fashionable, warm style. Here, if you find it hard to wear a mini-dress like Choi Yeo Jin, you may wear a long dress instead. However, it would be good to pick one that shows your ankles in order to avoid looking too stuffy. (photo by: bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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