Stars’ Styles after Giving Birth

[by Kim Minsoo] For those married female stars who make a full preparation of their fashion, it is not easy to show up at an official event after giving birth to a child. However, actually, they show as great fashion sense as before, so it is hard to even remember that they are married.

Actresses Kim Hyo Jin. Jun Ji Hyun, and Lee Yo Won are famous fashionistas in South Korea. They attract the attention with stylish charm at the airport or a variety of events even though they don’t wear very splendid clothes. What kind of styles have they overwhelmed the viewers? It is not so difficult to refer to their daily outfit, so read this article carefully. 

#Kim Hyo Jin

Actress Kim Hyo Jin has a son. She showed up constantly at various fashion events while she was pregnant, and she has showed her existence as a fashionista even after giving birth to her child. She completed attractive airport fashion by matching a black inner top and denim miniskirt and wearing a khaki outerwear.

[Editor Pick] In fall, you can easily get a disease since the daily temperature range is relatively great. In this season, block the wind and present a gorgeous style with a field jacket. Especially, a field jacket which comes below the knees is great to make a chic, sophisticated mood. 

#Jun Ji Hyun

Actress Jun Ji Hyun has attracted more attention after giving birth to her child. Since she is a famous star among married women, the general public expects much about her style. When she visited the airport for her overseas schedule, she matched a long white shirt and denim pants for displaying her pleasantly plain charm and showed her charismatic fashion style with a red suede jacket. She boasted her aspects as an actress fully. 

[Editor Pick] Knowhow for great styles is a bold attempt. It is one way to select a splendid color and give a point to your style. It may feel too much alone, but would boast rhythmical charm in accordance with how you match an inner top and pants. 

#Lee Yo Won

When you look at Lee Yo Won, you wouldn’t be able to believe that she is mother of three children. Her perfect body proportion and excellent fashion sense definitely show her existence as an actress. She appeared at an official event in an white off shoulder top for creating a sexy mood, matching denim pants and red high-heeled shoes and showing her fashionable aspect.

[Editor Pick] Cuffs are also an item that symbolizes women. When you match them with denim pants, you can display both casual and feminine charm. In fact, every woman comes to worry if they have to give up pretty clothes after giving birth. However, with just a little fashion sense, you can look fabulous even after giving birth, so be confident in yourself. (photo by: bntnews DB, Stylenanda)


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