Chinese Documentary ‘Qiantang River’ Series to Air in the Czech Republic

[by Yoon Jihye, translated by Woorim Ahn] On October 2 (local time), Xia Bao Long, who is a secretary of Zhejiang Province Committee, and other representatives of Zhejiang Province arrived in Prague, the Czech Republic. Then, a welcoming ceremony was held at the attendance of a special representative of the Czech Republic’s president, the prime minister and Jaroslav Tvrdik. On the day of the arrival, Xia Bao Long announced to start airing a program with the representative of the Czech Republic.

From October 2 to 8, the Czech’s broadcasting system TV Barrandov aired Chinese documentary ‘Qiantang River’ series that was provided by Zhejiang Radio Broadcasting system and Television organization on the country’s prime time.

Documentary ‘Qiantang River’ started airing on September 8 on Central Television Broadcasting System and it reflected Zhejiang’s agriculture history, traditional culture, the society’s economical developing achievements and others in various views. Many organizations such as The Propagandistic Department of Zhejiang Province Committee, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and TV of the Zhejiang China, Publicity Department of CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, Hangzhou Shangcheng District Committee, Hangzhou Jiapin Picture, co,. LTD united together for the documentary and the film used new techniques such as drone camera, filming in water and others.

By using best filming organization and techniques, the documentary depicted a big wave of Qiantang River, its environment, ecosystem, economical changes and others.

Moreover, it also describes Zhejiang Province’s beautiful changes in various views and angles and it was chosen as the major documentary entry by The Central Propaganda Department of China. It consists of five chapters in total: ‘First chapter: Waiting for the Tides’, ‘Second chapter: House and Garden in Water’, ‘Third chapter: Shouting of Organism’, ‘Fourth chapter: Overwatching the Provinces’ and ‘Fifth Chapter: Crossing the River of Dream’.

The documentary referred to ‘A Bite of Tide’ that made a hit in China and it displays to keep humanism. Additionally, to make the audiences expect for the latter stories, the author gave lots of changes in audible and visual languages.

Qingtang River could be an outstanding documentary source as it was developed with people for a long time. The river’s beautiful sceneries can be checked out on documentary ‘Qingtang River’. (photo by Hangzhou Jia Pin Picture, co., Ltd)


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Write: 2016-10-11 09:08:43 / Update: 2016-10-11 14:12:10

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