Like Autumn Leaves, Red Lip Makeup

[by Yoon Jihye] Fall is approaching in earnest, and the streets begin to be colored with autumn leaves. As the seasons change, women come to want more to try a new style. 

Read this article carefully if you want to wear red lip makeup, which is the trend in this fall season, but it is difficult to actually do that. Here’s how to do red lip makeup to have an elegant mood.

01 Moist Base Makeup

It is more important to make moist base in the dry fall season. If your skin lacks moisture, your complexion would be bad and your base makeup would not take.

First, brighten your skin tone with a makeup base with much moisture. A makeup base is not thickly applied to your skin but brightens your skin. After that, complete your base makeup by using a liquid foundation or a cushion foundation.   

02 Elegant Eye Makeup

Make natural-looking shade on your eyes by using brown-colored shadow, not as thick as a smoky makeup. Apply a light beige eye shadow on your upper eyelids.

Next, apply a brown-colored shadow with no reddish color on your double eyelids and the ends of your eyes, making a deep shade. In addition, apply a shadow in the same color on the triangular area under your eyes to make your eyes look deeper. Fill the parts in between your eyelashes by using a black eyeliner, and apply a mascara to finish your eye makeup.

03 Lip Makeup as Red as Autumn Leaves

For reddish lip makeup, it is important to make your lips smooth with no dead skin cells. To achieve this purpose, first apply lip balm on your lips before makeup, and gently rub your lips with a cotton swab, and then you can remove the dead skin cells without irritating your skin.  
After that, gently pat a reddish lipstick proper for your skin tone into your lips from the inner parts of your lips. Since it may look too much if you apply the lipstick to fill your whole lips, make a gradation while applying it. Next, make the lip lines clear by using a lip brush or a cotton swab.

01 CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Make Up Base A base product made of five sorts of color capsules that correct your skin tone. In addition, since the essence substances in the product are mixed and taken out when you pump up the product, you can maintain moist, fresh skin expression for a long time.

02 BOBBI BROWN Intensive Skin Serum Foundation Its serum substances wrap around your skin, making a natural, smooth look as if it is your own skin. Therefore, you can complete elastic, shining skin expression.

03 LAURA MERCIER Matte Eye Color The best eye color item by LAURA MERCIER which is loved by many people. Its luxurious colors and soft texture makes your eyes look gently shining with only one touch. It comes in a variety of luxurious colors, and you can use it for any look.

04 CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet A product with clear, deep, rich colors and a soft, comfortable feeling like velvet. It completes strong, clear, and matte lip makeup, and is applied softly like another layer of skin with rich moisture. (photo by: CATALINA GEO, BOBBI BROWN, LAURA MERCIER, CHANEL, bntnews DB)


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