Want To Have Voluptuous Body Like That Of So You, Jun Hyo Sung, And Hyuna?

[by Song Eunji] Voluptuous body is what all women want. Thus, many women feel envious when they see stars with such body including So You from Sistar, Jun Hyo Sung, and Kim Hye Soo.

Those stars who boast their voluptuous body even without exposing their skin have something in common, which is they have a full bosom, slender waist, and firm hip lines. Of course, some of those characteristics have to be born with, but those stars to their best to keep perfect body shape through exercise and diet. 

The first thing you need to do for slim body is ‘diet.’ Diets that have been disclosed by entertainers are ways to reduce weight within a short period of time. Thus, don’t take such diets. It is enough to slowly eat less within a scope without harming your health.

In addition, it is also important to keep your body’s elasticity through steady exercise. Especially, you need to pay attention to your hip lines from your waist to your pelvis. Remember that you can have voluptuous body only with perfect breasts and hip lines.

The best way to have both apple hip and firm hip lines is exercise. If you steadily repeat exercises that you can do whenever, wherever, such as squat and lunge, you can have elastic, smooth body line and attractive apple hip.

However, no matter how great diet and exercise you do, you can’t easily make your breasts larger. Your breast size is mostly influenced by your genes, and it is hard to expect satisfactory increase in your breast size with only exercise and changes in life habits.

Some say that you can make your breasts bigger by exercise, stretching, and massage, but they take a surprisingly long time. If you want to make your breasts larger within a short period of time, it is also a good way to consider breast augmentation.

If you want to increase the size of your breasts but hesitate to undergo a surgery because of the worry over breast prostheses, a breast augmentation using autologous fat is proper for you. Director Choi Hang-seok at JK Plastic Surgery Center in South Korea says, “Breast augmentation using autologous fat is recommended to those women who want to make their breasts larger without traces of surgery. The surgery extracts fat from abdomen, sides, and thighs with excessive fat and transfers the fat minutely to your breasts. Thus, you can expect bigger breasts and removal of excessive fat at the same time.”

Breast augmentation using autologous fat does not need prostheses, and you can reduce the burden from artificial feelings of prostheses. In addition, you can recover fast since the surgery does not leave scars and does have less pain.

Director Choi Hang-seok advises, “Recently, as the advanced breast surgery techniques in South Korea are known, many foreigners come to South Korea to undergo a breast surgery. If you want to receive a breast augmentation surgery using fat transfer, you had better consult with an operating surgeon with a lot of experiences and then select a proper method for yourself.”

JK Plastic Surgery Center, which is located in Apgujeong in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, is a hospital which many people visit after seeing photographs before and after a breast augmentation surgery using fat transfer in South Korea. The hospital is trusted by many people with its skilled medical teams and a variety of safety systems that puts priority on the safety of its patients.

JK Plastic Surgery Center performs accurate analysis and diagnosis of the health condition of the patients with ‘the one-stop test before surgery’ with the latest medical imaging equipment and surgical instruments. In addition, it has anesthesiologists who are always in the hospital and operating rooms with the US FED Standard209D. The hospital considers emergency situations to have a CPR team, emergency kits, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), which allows the medical teams to continue the surgery even during blackout, patient controlled analgesia devices, and CRM monitoring systems, and places the top priority on the safety of patients. (photo by: JK Plastic Surgery Center, bntnews DB)

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