Your Skin Sensitive Under Strong Sunlight… Four Principles For Moisturization In Summer

[by Lee Chaebin] The stronger the sunlight, the more sensitive your skin becomes. The outside of your skin is oily, but the inside of it is dry. Thus, many women pick lack of moisture as their skin trouble in summer.

Summer is a season when you need to make more efforts for moisturizing your skin than in winter. If you select a product in a heavy form, you have skin troubles, and if you neglect moisturization, you have too much sebum and dead skin cells. Here introduced some moisturizing items for recovering the destroyed moisture barrier on your skin and the moisturizing care rules by skin condition in summer.

“Pick Special Basic Cosmetics Proper For Relieving Your Skin Troubles”


For a basic care, you must choose a product that can relieve your own skin troubles. In particular, since moisture in your skin easily evaporates in summer, a moisturizing care is recommended. Thelavicos The Most Active Skin Care is a product developed for moisturizing, which is the basics of skin health. It contains deep sea water from near Ulleungdo Island with plentiful minerals, extracts from six sorts of seaweeds from clean sea near Jeju Island, and Oligo-HA, which is a patented substance for moisturizing and elasticity, strengthen your skin mechanism and supply rich moisture, keeping your skin moist.

Thelavicos The Most Active Line is made of a skin toner, emulsion, gel serum, gel cream, and cream. Recently, China Food & Drug Administration (CFDA) has completed a hygiene approval for five items of it. The certification of CFDA is famous for strict standards and procedures, and those cosmetic brands that have acquired it are assessed to be reliable ones in the whole world as well as in the Chinese market.

“Take Care Of Your Reddish Skin With Ampoule”

If your skin is reddish and itchy, it means that the moisture balance in your skin is destroyed. If your metabolism gets slower, phosphatide, which makes a protective film on the surface of your skin, cannot be actively secreted. Thus, a gap is made in between the dead skin cell layers, and moisture evaporates and a variety of germs and pollutants can easily penetrate into your skin. 

If you cannot permit even a small such gap, the solution is to perform skin care with an ampoule that supplies moisture into outside and inside the dead skin cell layers and strengthens the protective film on your skin. Thelavicos Whitening Vitamin C Ampoule has stabilized vitamin granule and enriched serum divided into a double structure, which transfer Vitamin C, which is easily oxidized, to your skin in a fresh condition, relieving melisma and pigmentation on your skin. As well, it makes your skin’s metabolism more active, rapidly soothing your sensitive skin.

“Supply Moisture With Moist Cushion Pact”

Finish your skin makeup with a foundation, and use a cushion pact for supplying moisture for correction of your makeup. No matter how a mist spray’s or an essence’s absorption is great, if you apply such items on your skin with makeup, the foundation applied on your skin persists shorter, and even your make-up can be removed. 

Here, recommended is a cushion pact with high moisturizing effects that sticks to your skin very well. That is Thelavicos Smart Cover CC Cushion, which is applied to your skin to be thin and fresh. Even a small quantity of it makes your whole face brighter, with no worry over its gathering on your skin. In addition, it is triple-functional product that supplies moisture with aloe extracts, blocks ultraviolet rays, and brightens your skin. (photo by: HP&C, Thelavicos, bntnews DB)


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