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The Secret to the Curvy Body of Victoria-Seolhyun-Yura

[by Hwang Ji Hye /translated by Kim Young Shin] Every year, new girl groups flood into the entertainment industry. However, the popular girl groups stand firm on their position. How can top K-pop artists like Victoria, Hyorin and Yura keep their high popularity?

Girl group members have many different charms such as pretty faces, talent or personality. What bring them the most attention would be their curves. If you want to look slim and natural with curves like the celebrities, read on. Here are some tips to make your body as glamorous as the girl groups.

How to Make Curvy Body like Popular Girl Groups

You cannot stress enough how important exercise and controlled diet are in losing weight. However, many just give up because they cannot figure out how to get started.

It is essential to stick to the plant that you can keep. Making curves involve more than just losing fat. You need to contour your body by exercising, planning what you eat and controlling your mind.

Five Rules to Keep You Exercising

1. Start right now. Just strolling around your town is fine. It is important to begin immediately with whatever exercise available.

2. Decide your role model and make a wish list to make precise resolution for your body.

3. See yourself in the mirror and check how you look. You need to examine your body in order to make plans for the exercises.

4. Improve your meal plans. It is the easiest and the hardest change you need to make. Replacing your unhealthy meals with healthy food is better than excessively shrinking the amount.

5. When you meet your goal, give yourself small presents. Allow yourself to eat what you want once a week and free yourself from the regular exercise once a week. Such rewards can motivate your diet.

Body Massage to Subside Swellings

If you regularly exercise but cannot see visible result on your body line, you should concentrate on body massage. Massage the knotted muscles and stimulating blood circulation once or twice a week can naturally enhance your silhouette.

If your legs often get swollen, roll-massage with a plastic bottle, half filled with water. Also, massage your jiggly arms with your fist and body cream. It is more effective if accompanied with cellulite burner cream.

Your curves would get visible after you try everything you can for your body. Exercise and controlled meal plan surely shapes your body well but if you want something faster, breast augmentation can be a way.

Doctor Choi Hang Seok from JK Plastic Surgery Center, the leading institute of K-beauty located in Apgujeong, said, "For a perfect silhouette, many women are interested in shaping their breasts. Bigger breasts do not always mean better ones. Recently, the key word of breast augmentation is “naturalness”. If the breasts look unnatural, they do not make your body look good under your clothes.”

He added, “Fat transfer is recommended for those who want to naturally increase the size of the breasts without implant. It can contour the body and enlarge breasts at a go.” He also said, “Fat transfer must be done after thorough examination and consulting with the surgeon.”

Meanwhile, Korea’s JK Plastic Surgery is equipped with the state of the art aseptic system for the foreign patients who visit the nation for medical purposes. Its operating rooms have air mattresses and air shower to ensure safe surgical environment. Moreover, its anesthetic equipment is as good as that of large hospitals. Its surgery room is powered by uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which allows the doctors to finish the operation even during blackout.

Additionally, its central monitoring system (CMS) immediately alerts the medical team if any abnormalities are detected from the patients for fastest treatments. In case of emergency, its CPR team, hart defibrillator, larynx mask, cricothyroid incision kit and emergency kit are ready to make sure that the patients are safe.

(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Center, bntnews DB)

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