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Song Hye Kyo-Suzy-Sulli, Simple Beauty Tips for Makeup Novices by too cool for school

[by Song Eun Ji /translated by Kim Young Shin] Many women are having difficult time learning how to wear makeup because no matter how hard they try, the result is not that great. Their goal is to get the natural and appealing makeup of celebrities from TV shows but they fail every time.

Is there a secret in those luxury makeup salons the celebrities go? The answer is “not really”. It is just like everyone knows: stick to the basic and make all the process precise.

Here are some useful tutorials from global cosmetic brand too cool for school for the clumsy hands that dream to wear makeup as perfect as celebrities.

STEP 1 Make Your Base Makeup Flawless, Like You Were Born that Way


The most important thing in making your face impeccable like the TV stars is skin care. Get your skin care routine focused on hydration and nourishment using toner, essence, lotion and moisturizing cream because moisture is the key to make your coverage blend well. Finish your skin care with sunscreen.

When choosing a sunblock, you need to consider your skin type and skin concerns. If your skin is dry, All-in-one Waterfull Sun Essence, a combination of rich moisturizing essence and sun gel, is the perfect product for your skin. If your skin is oily and you want to avoid greasiness or stickiness, a sun primer, a primer that smoothly covers skin and protects skin from UV rays, is a good choice.

The key to the successful base makeup is to keep it lightweight. Use CC cream for your makeup to do so. Because the product works both as skin care and makeup, it can correct skin tone, smooth the skin and cover blemishes. If there are spots that need additional touch, hide them with concealer. Use sponge or brush instead of your hands to get your base makeup as thin and even as possible.

STEP 2 Make Your Eyes Clear and Defined

The current trend of eye makeup is to go very light and natural, instead of wearing overwhelmingly heavy makeup. First, match your makeup with your general looks by blending out a pastel or nude shaded color on your eye lid. Use a darker shade of the same color nearer to your eyes to make your eyes pop.

Then, curl up your lashes with eyelash curler and tightline your eyes. If tightlining is difficult for you, you can just leave your eyes without eye lines. Fuller eyelashes are plenty to make your eyes look clear and defined.

Meticulously work with your mascara to reach every corner of your eyes. If your mascara would not allow you to do this, get bendable mascara which you can control the brush’s angle with a dial. This tool helps the makeup beginners to coat every strand of their eye lashes.

STEP 3 Lightly Enhance Your Complexion

Light colors, instead of vivid ones, are safer choice for beginners. Tint, or stain, is a representative item to naturally vitalize your lips.

Make little dots on the center of your lips with the tint and naturally blend it out without making clear edge of colors. If you want to look lively, you should not let your lips dry. Coat over your tint with a lip gloss or just use a gloss tint for a simpler lip makeup.

This all-in-one sun essence allows skin care and sun care with a bottle. The formula is a combination of enriched moisturizing essence and sun gel. It leaves no white cast or stickiness.

02 ARTIFY AIR SUN PRIMER (SPF50+/PA+++) This airy sun primer is a physical sun block that does not irritate skin. It leaves light weight and matte finish that lasts long.

03 DINOPLATZ CINEMA CITY This CC cream comes with ball-shaped concealer, cheek tint and highlighter for a simpler base makeup. The formula firms, whitens, lifts, softens and protects skin from the sun and covers blemishes.

04 GLAMROCK URBAN SHADOW This prism eye shadow resists sweat and sebum and provide long lasting color thanks to its color powder. It reflects light to cover blemishes and naturally vitalize the face.

05 Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara
This bendable mascara can be adjusted to three different angles controlled with the dial attached to the cap. Its all-in-one formula curls, lengthens, volumizes and sets eyelashes. It allows makeup novices to apply mascara flawlessly.

06 CHECK GLOSSY BLASTER TINT This ultimate combination of lip gloss, lip stick and lip tint has long lasting vivid color that leaves moist finish.

(photo by too cool for school, bntnews DB)

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