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La Mer-Lafine-Sisley, Trouble Cleansing Care Items

[by Hwang Ji Hye/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] If you are those who are prone to skin problems, you might be thinking about how to soothe and protect your skin. Carry out trouble cleansing care if you want to treat your skin problems.

Cleansing is an important step and the foundation of skin care. However, troubled and sensitive skin can be irritated by merely cleansing. Special cleansing is needed for sensitive and troubled skin. Cleansing items for this skin type will be introduced.

Troubled Skin, Hypoallergenic Cleansing is the Answer

Using wrong skin care products leads to skin problems for sensitive skin. Therefore, it is important to use items that minimize skin irritation. Although it is very important to remove wastes from your skin, it’s better for you to choose a gentle cleanser to gently clean your face.

If you want to cleanse your face without irritating it, use a hypoallergenic cleanser. Softly massage your face with your fingers to do cleansing. Intense cleansing to reduce sebum in summer can lead to acne, inflammation and other skin problems and so you’d better be aware of this.

LA MER, Cleansing Gel

La Mer Cleansing Gel is an oil-free cleanser that thoroughly removes excessive sebum, wastes and makeup residues. La Mer, which means ‘sea’ in French, uses miracle broth extracted from seaweed as the main ingredient to produce safe and healthy products.

Firstly, put a coin-sized amount of cleansing gel on your palm and then apply it all over your face. It glides on the skin smoothly as it is of a gel type. It softly cleanses your skin without irritating it.


Lafine Vegetable, well-known for skin care products made with natural vegetable ingredients, is the first well-being vegetable skin care brand. It produces products with five vegetable ingredients including cucumber, tomato, carrot, parsley and water parsley through natural drying.

Lafine Vegetable Deep Cleansing Cream is a hypoallergenic well-being cleansing cream that is made with five vegetable ingredients such as water-packed cucumber, tomato, carrot, parsley and water parsley. The vegetable ingredients provide nutrients to the skin. Vegetable grains are included in the cream, which exfoliate the skin during cleansing. It is a well-being vegetable skin care product that can meticulously clean your skin without irritation.

Sisley, Phyto Pâte Moussante

Sisley, Phyto Pâte Moussante is a cleansing soap for troubled skin. It is mainly made with natural vegetable extracts that refreshingly cleanse the skin without irritation. It is a great product for sensitive skin.

It is a moisturizing cleanser in gelatin form instead of alkali to minimize skin dryness. The soft solid shea butter soap gently lifts away impurities with rich pure vegetable foam. If you wear makeup, firstly use a cleansing oil to remove it and then use Phyto Pâte Moussante to cleanse your face.

(photo by Lafine Vegetable, La Mer, Sisley, bntnews DB)

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