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“You Can Eat It?” In Korea, Cosmetics Made from Food is Trendy

[by Song Eun Ji /translated by Kim Young Shin] Cosmetic products made from food such as red ginseng, honey, black sugar, rice, cucumber, aloe vera and many other healthy ingredients are popular in Korea.

The reason behind the food cosmetics trend is the long reign of well-being fever. As more and more people put their health as the priority in life, more consumers look for good ingredients for their skin products.

Skin care products made from natural food ingredients are gaining more grounds thanks to the support from those who want to offer better gifts to their loved ones. One of the most recognized natural ingredients is rice. What makes the every-day meal a popular cosmetics ingredient?

Rice, a Special Treat for Your Skin

Historical text writes that the traditional court ladies that worked in the royal kitchen had soft hands. Experts speculate that it may be because they majorly worked with rice. Rice has high water content and rich minerals which effectively moisturize dry skin.

Moreover, the ingredient contains vitamin C, A, E and B. Vitamins nourish, soothe and whiten skin. Rice surely is a gift for skin, full of minerals necessary for the skin’s health.

How Can You Use Rice for Skin Care?


The easiest way to introduce rice to your skin care is to wash face with rice water. Rice water is the leftover water from washing rice. Preserve water from the second round of rice rinsing because it is better for your skin than the first one.

Wash your face thoroughly with cleanser to remove makeup and dirt and then use rice water. Gently massage your face with rice water and rinse your face again with clean water. This helps to moisturize and whiten skin.

Another way to use rice for skin care is to ground it up to make mask. Soak cleaned rice grain in water and grind it up finely. Make a mixture with water, wheat flour or starch to make a suitable consistency to apply on skin.

If you do not want to go through such process, you could just use a rice paper for a DIY sheet mask. Cut up the rice paper to fit on your face and soften it in water, milk or serum before you put it on your face. Different liquids have different effects, so choose the one most suitable for your skin concerns.

Using products made from rice is another option. Use the ones made from natural ingredients for stronger effects. A sheet mask with rice paper sheet can be an easy skin care that delivers the goodness of rice to the skin.

A representative item of such kind is Lamy Cosmetics’ REAL 97% RICE PAPER EATING MASK PACK, better known as rice pack. Its rice paper sheet is added with turmeric, green tea or black rice for a comprehensive skin care.

The product’s ingredients are natural and edible. It is safe for sensitive skin. The serum is made from rh-EFG capsulized with lecithin, plant stem cells and herbal ingredients such as cercis chinensis and fermented red ginseng. Like other sheet masks, it is to be put on for 15 to 20 minutes, but it could be left on overnight without drying out the facial skin.

(photo by Lamy Cosmetics, bntnews DB)

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