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Origins-RIN-La Prairie, Recommended Items for Oily Skin in Summer

[by Hwang Ji Hye/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Alarms have been raised over the negative effects of the external environment and hot weather in summer on the skin. To prevent your skin from being harmed, special moisturizing care is needed in summer.

If you have an oily skin that becomes greasy with sweat and sebum in the season, focus on this article. Moisturizing items to reduce sebum and hydrate your skin in summer will be suggested.

Oily Skin, Why Moisturizing Care is needed in Summer?

When weather is getting hotter, people who have an oily skin with active sebum secretion start to worry about how to take care of their skin. Pay attention to the followings if you want to remove sebum while keeping your skin hydrated.

Cleanse your skin to remove sebum. However, over-doing it might cause irritation and lead to an oily skin that is dry inside but oily outside. Moreover, keeping a skin care routine that moisturizes your skin from inside out while removing sebum is recommended.  

Vegetable Skin Care- Origins Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser

This is a cleanser that is made with ginseng extracts and grape fruit oil, which eliminate fatigue and add vitality to the skin. It removes accumulated dead skin cells and the jojoba oil substances help keep your skin smooth after cleansing.

Firstly, put a small amount on the back of your hands and gently massage it all over your face in clockwise direction before rinsing it off. Using hot water for cleansing in winter causes dryness and so it is better to use lukewarm water that is not too hot to wash your face.

Herbal Skin Care- Hansaeng Cosmetics, RIN Bi-gyeol Yun Cream

Rin Bi-gyeol Yun Cream is certified by Food and Drug Administration as a functional product that provides whitening and wrinkle improving effects to nourish and improve skin elasticity. To restore dry skin in a short period of time, herbal skin care products that provide rich nutrients without irritating the skin are recommended.

Rin Bi-gyeol Yun Line is made with herbal substances such as ginseng, peony and Danhwayeon, which supply rich nutrients to the skin in a short period of time. Take a small amount and put it on face to whiten the skin and improve wrinkles for an elastic skin. If you have dehydrated oily skin, take a coin-sized amount of skin and essence that contain herbal substances and apply it all over your face to restore damaged skin quickly.

Point Care- La Prairie, Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream

This is made with caviar extracts and seaweed, which help get healthy and elastic skin around the eyes. It has a smooth texture with caviar substances that can gently penetrate into the wear eye area without irritating the skin.

As the skin around the eyes is the weakest among the facial areas, special care is essential for that during the change of seasons. When carrying out daily skin care routine every morning and evening, gently apply it from the end of the eyes to the inner part following the brow bones.

(photo by Hansaeng Cosmetics RIN, Origins, La Prairie, bntnews DB)

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