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RIN-Dior-Clinique, Recommended Moisturizing Items to Welcome the Summer

[by Hwang Ji Hye/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] The sweltering sun and dry weather are signs telling us that summer has already come. Skin becomes dry easily at the beginning of summer and so you need to take care for it.

Changing your eating habits such as drinking sufficient water a day are great ways but if you want a more effective solution, try using moisturizing products. Items that provide rich moisture to your skin this summer will be introduced.

Knowhow Daily Skincare to Supply Moisture

To restore your skin’s health, the first step is to do regular skincare thoroughly. The hot weather and the cool air-conditioned indoor temperature create a big temperature difference that breaks the balance of skin, and so intensive care is essential.

When the skin loses lots of moisture in a short period of time, it becomes dry and loses its elasticity. Using highly functional herbal skincare products is recommended at this time. In particular, using those that are made with ginseng which is effective in wrinkle reduction can provide rich nutrients, improve wrinkles and tone up your skin.


Hansaeng Cosmetics RIN incorporates its 50 years of experience into cosmetics and produces herbal skincare products that provide comprehensive skincare such as anti-aging and whitening. RIN Bi-gyeol Yun line and Soo line that have whitening and wrinkle reduction functions certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug have captured the attention of picky customers.

The highly concentrated herbal cream helps improve elasticity and is made with six-year-old fermented ginseng. Ginseng extracts and patented herbal ingredients can moisturize and vitalize the skin. It also contains ingredients that are effective in whitening and wrinkle reduction such as Sanghwang Mushroom and morus for smooth skin.

Dior, Capture Totale Dream Skin

Dior, Capture Totale Dream Skin is a toner made with the new concept of Dior. It restores rich nutrients and moisture to your skin. It contains optical active ingredients to brighten up and vitalize your skin naturally.

Using it every day can help you get healthy skin by providing moisture and improving skin elasticity. Apply an appropriate amount of it before using cream, essence, mask and other highly moisturizing skincare products.

CLINIQUE, Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is a sleeping mask that supplies intensive moisture to your skin during your sleep. It is a great product for you take care of your tired skin in summer as it is made with natural nourishing ingredients to hydrate your skin instantly.

Skin regeneration is active when we are sleeping and so it is recommended to do night skincare before going to bed. Use it once every two to three days and exfoliate your skin before applying it to boost absorption.

(photo by Hansaeng Cosmetics RIN, Dior, Clinique, bntnews DB)

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