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Mink Oil, an Anti-Aging Ingredient Highly Favored by Beauties around the World

[by Shin Hyun Jung /photo by Moon So Yoon /translated by Kim Young Shin] As the competition in beauty market got fierce and fierce, many products started to claim the same good quality. That was why many of the brands began to search for a unique ingredient for a special function that catches the eyes of consumers.

Companies took interest in animal ingredients for their products. Mink oil is one of those that captivated the cosmetics manufacturers. The popularity of horse oil is now moving onto mink oil.

Here are some details about mink oil which is gradually gaining popularity from women around the world who have beautiful skin.

▶ About Mink Oil

Many research showed that the fatty tissue under mink’s fur is highly effective in restoring and boosting immunity of skin. That is why a number of cosmetic brands started using mink oil for their products.

Mink oil is similar to human fat and absorbs quickly into the skin. It is also less likely to cause irritation. It is a very suitable ingredient for anti-aging items.

Daily:A, one of the brand that launched products based on mink oil such as Daily:A Mink Oil Deep Nutrition Cream said, “Mink oil penetrates deep down the skin and forms a barrier that locks in moisture and protects skin from external pollutants. It lets the skin relax.”

▶ What People Say about Mink Oil

Zhou Xuan Fei from China, 24 years old.

Zhou Xuan Fei started anti-aging care earlier than others. She tried out many different products from the high-end brands and those popular on social network. She came to know Daily:A Mink Oil Deep Nutrition Cream and was surprised to find out about the anti-aging effect mink oil has.

“I was introduced to the product by chance. It stayed on my skin care routine from the first time I tried it. It locked in the moisture from the skin care products I used prior to the cream by forming an oil barrier. I could feel that my skin was suppler the next day.

Zhang Lei from China, 32 years old
Zhang Lei had severely dry skin which became flakey all year round. She needed a solution to soothe her skin to make her makeup settle. A friend of her recommended Daily:A Mink Oil Deep Nutrition Cream. She said that she could definitely feel her skin smoother.

“After I used milk oil cream, many people told me that my skin looked really healthy. I had very dry skin which always made my makeup cakey and droughty. Milk oil moisturized my skin and made it glow in a healthy way.”

Emily from the United States, 29 years old.

Emily was always curious how Asian women kept their skin young. She started to take a look at Korean beauty products and found out about Daily:A Milk Oil Deep Nutrition Cream. She heard that it is an anti-aging cream especially good for those with thin facial skin that are prone to get creases. She said that she could feel the change after using the cream.

“After I got to know about Korean beauty products, I gained stronger desire for a younger appearance. Mink oil cream was certainly the item that helped me with that. My skin felt less stretchy after using the cream.”

(photo by Daily:A, bntnews DB)

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