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‘K-Beauty Secrets’ What is the Biggest Charm of Song Ji Hyo-Kim Go Eun-Kim Ji Won? ‘Porcelain Skin’

[by Hwang Ji Hye /translated by Kim Young Shin] Fair and clear skin is one of the factors that maximize feminine beauty. Pay attention to this article if you are curious about the secret to the milky smooth skin of trendy stars such as Song Ji Hyo, Kim Go Eun and Kim Ji Won.

As you age, the pores get visible and your skin start to sag due to lack of moisture. The result would be dull and darkened face. If you want porcelain skin like the celebrities, get these three activities incorporated in your daily routine.

WHITENING CARE TIP 1 Detox Your Body with ‘Lemon Water’

Drinking more than two liters of water increases body fluid level and skin elasticity. If the water contains lemon which is rich in vitamins, it also helps to discharge toxic matters from the body and keep your skin clear. Vitamin C contained in lemons kicks out toxin from your blood. Moreover, lemon water boosts the immune system.

A cup of hot water, lemon and honey will make your skin tighter.

WHITENING CARE TIP 2 Deep Cleanse Your Skin

The changing weather in spring is a bad influence on the skin condition. Particularly, increased outdoor activities cut down the skin’s ability to restore. Makeup residues and dirt only make things worse. Porcelain skin is impossible without deep cleansing that removes left-over particles from the pores.

It is important to minimize the irritation on skin while deep cleansing. Use cleansers make from plant-originated ingredients which are mild on skin.

WHITENING CARE TIP 3 Massage Your Face

The reason why celebrities’ skin look bright and fair is because there is no blemishes on their face. Massaging your skin can prevent breakouts. Poor blood circulation is a cause of swelling and pimples. One or two times of self-massaging can improve that. Massage stimulates blood circulation which helps to make your skin firm and shiny.

First, put some massage cream made from vegetable ingredients on your face. Glide your fingers on cheeks and jaw with a lifting motion in clockwise. Continue for about five to ten minutes and remove cream with tissue papers.


01. LAFINE, VEGETABLE DEEP CLEANSING CREAM: Red and green vegetable granules are included in the cleansing cream for a gentle wash. It removes leftover makeup and dirt from deep inside the pores.

: The foaming cleanser is made from five vegetable extracts including cucumber, tomato, carrot, parsley and water parsley which are full of water. It is a powerful cleanser that can also sooth skin.

03. LAFINE, VEGETABLE FIRMING MASSAGE CREAM: Gingko leaf extract in the cream helps to make your face flawless. Softly massaging your face releases stress and tension on the skin and get your skin healthy and supple.

(photo by LAFINE VEGETABLE, bntnews DB)

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