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16 brand – Chanel – Benefit, Paint Your Lips with Splendid Spring Colors

[by Jung Ah Young/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] The long winter has gone and people are counting down the days until the next season. Recently, the weather has been nice and sunny. The word ‘spring’ has a mysterious charm that makes one’s heart flutter.

Splendid makeup is essential for spring. How about painting your lips in sharp colors such as red and orange that can change your mood by just imagination?


Choose pink lipstick if you want to add vitality to your dull skin. It can tone up your complexion as though it switches on the light of your skin. It is also a versatile color that fits everyone without any difficulties.

Fuchsia and vivid hot pink are particularly great choices in spring. Matching it with denim or sharp colored clothes such as pink toned tops can make your skin look brighter.


Orange is one of the most lovable colors from spring to summer. A hint of orange helps present an energized skin.

Instead of doing matte orange lips, it is better to have a glossy finish. Wear orange lips with a white look to give off a refreshing and vivacious vibe that reminds one of juice.

# Gradation

To do younger-looking makeup, mix two lip colors or use the same color to do gradient lips.

Gradation effect can be pulled off by just one color as it can be done by using products of different tones, even though they have the same pink color. Try gradient lips if you want natural and youthful makeup.

#Lip Products Recommended by the Beauty Editor

01 16 brand Pink Shot is a multi-pen that has a sharp hot pink shade, which can be used for cheeks, shadow and lips. It is moisturizing and keeps a saturated color for a long time.

02. 16 brand Fingerpen Gangs Pink has a soft pink color that is suitable for daily use and blends in well with other pink colors.

03. Benefit Cha Cha Tint is a vivacious coral tint that can be used as blush too.

04. Chanel ROUGE COCO STYLO 204
is a stick type orange lipstick that can be used conveniently with a soft texture.

(photo by 16 brand, Chanel, Benefit, bntnews DB)

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