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Taking a Look at Taeyeon’s Charms through Her Instagram

[by Shin Hyun Jung /translated by Kim Young Shin] It is hard to find what she lacks. She has talent in singing and dancing, beautiful appearance, craftsmanship and nice personality. This gifted person is the core member of Girls’ Generation: Taeyeon.

She is a professional entertainer on stages and jack-of-all-trades in her daily life. Her chameleonic talents capture attention of the mass public.

Her Instagram displays every little charm of Taeyeon.

▶ Taeyeon, in a Fantasy World

Through her performances as a solo artist, she is widely received as the icon of dreamy image. On the stage and in her pictorials, she expresses herself as a fairytale figure and builds fantasy in her fans’ hearts.

Such image and her clear voice create perfect harmony. Her professional behavior must have helped to form her unique style. The stills from the pictorial shoot or music video on her Instagram makes people feel like they are falling into a fantasy land.

▶ Taeyeon, in Her Daily Life
In some photos, she is dreamlike. However, in her daily life, she is just an innocent girl enthusiastic in taking selfies. Some of the pictures show her mischievous sides.

Among her fans, one of the nicknames she has is ‘golden hand’ which is a name given to people with dexterity. Her Instagram is filled up with her works. She is particularly good at drawing and nail arts. Her photos prove how good she is in self nails, sketching and typographic arts.

▶ Beauty Secret Treasure House

On her Instagram, her beauty secrets are hinted. She frequently talks about cosmetic items she has been using to help keep her baby face since her debut.

She mentioned Nature Republic’s Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream as her favorite skin care product. She said that she puts on the famous anti-aging item every day to retain her beauty.

When she appeared in the Chinese version of ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’, she introduced the cream which was stored in her fridge. She told the audience how she applies it during her day. It demonstrated that her pretty appearance is not made in a day but from her endless effort.

(photo by Nature Republic, Taeyeon’s Instagram)

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