[bnt interview] Lee Hi, Say Good Bye to Serious Worry and Severe Loneliness

[by Jo Hye Jin, translated by Bae Jung Yun] Lee Hi already grown up from a teenager to a person in the twenties during the long time she spent under the stage. She still had a girlish brightness, but her mind toward her music was never too young. She came back with maturity and more depth music. The time she spent under the stage was along with serious worries. However, the seriousness was gone from her hand, as soon as she grabbed a microphone once again, and there was only maturity left in her hand.

Recently, singer Lee Hi, who had a joint interview with various news media, including bntnews at a café in Seogyo-dong, Seoul, had bright and charming girlish look and musically mature lady look at the same time. The audition program from several years ago, she was just a little girl who was great at singing a pop song. It is glad to see the grown up little girl express her thoughts as a serious and confident artist.

After three years of gap, Lee Hi became an adult. She said, “I want to be freer and do whatever I want just like twenties who lives without regrets” and brightened up her eyes. She said with cheerful voice, “Watching animation film is a big pleasure for me. I have a pretty dream if I turn on a colorful and pretty animation film and go to bed.” She was like a girl who just took a step into the lady world.

“When I was a teenager, I had a feeling ‘What would be different if I become 20-year-old’. However, there wasn’t that different than I thought and I am worried about this. I had a fantasy that If I become a 20-year-old, I might start working just like a career woman from the movie. Actually, I am already working hard now, so I guess that worry has solved. (Laughed)”

She smiled by saying her worry has solved. However, her smile might include many things. During the three years, she said her biggest worry was about music. She disclosed, “The mass public might think that I was developed during the time that has passed, also they will expect more as much as the time they have waited. I worried about how I can satisfy their expectation in a good way.”

“Even though I came home late, my mom always listened to my worries. One time, I confessed my worry by saying, ‘What would I do If people think awkward or take a dim view of me when I come back and sing after three years.’ She usually listened to me without a word, but that day my mom said, ‘There are many fans still remembers you and wait for you, so don’t worry’ and her word remained in my memory.”

“When my career break was almost a year, I felt extremely tired. Album preparation didn’t go well since I rest too much. I had a sad feeling toward my company. I was lonely (laughed). When I think about that now, all my worries and the moments I sighed were a great help for me. It was an opportunity for me to be able to show my new images. However, three years were kind a too long... (Laughed).”

After she received a question about her feeling, when she came on the stage with her new song after three years, she replied, “I only have a good memory” and smiled happily like she was bringing back her memories of her past days. Her album, which includes her worry and concern about her own music, has been great just like she is sighing deeply. “I was worried about did people forgot about me, what should I do if people don’t like me on a boundary line between the teenager and the twenties. However, I think I became mature through those worries.” She said that she is very happy and pleasant right now because she can sing on the stage.

“During the album production, I thought about doing something different, but I needed to continue with what my fans like. I wanted to try out various genres. I want to keep challenge things and sing a new song. I am currently challenging a lot and that is why there are various genre musics include in the new album. I always try to challenge various musics. I received lots of love and it was more than I have expected. I want to fill up with various musics.”

She, who worried between stable familiarity and novelty that might feel a little unfamiliar, said, “It is not because the song doesn’t fit me, my fundamental thought was to make a song that many people can have sympathy with. So, I removed the songs that might sound difficult for people.” In addition, she said that if she gets a chance, she wants to include a little more depth music and it made people expect a different image from her.

“I did my best to learn song writing and lyric writing during the break and I am still working on it. My own music was included in the half album plan, but it was not sure, so now I have no idea. If my albums are coming out in the future, I should work hard in order to include my own songs in the album.”

“Some songs are about a story that I have never experienced before, so when I sing the song, sometimes it is hard to have sympathy with the song. If I make the song by myself, I think I can write lyrics and melody that are easy to understand by me because I know myself very well. I will do my best to become like that in the future and I will include that kind of story in the song.”

She said, “I want to become a singer who knows what she is good at and silently works hard.” She learned to make her own song in order to have deep sympathy with the melody and lyrics while keeping her unique color. The time passed with the effort for her endless development, she desired to perform her own stage after participating in her labelmate’s concert as a guest. “When I was singing at the big arena of IKON and WINNER’s concert, I was thinking that I want to perform as well. When my half album come out, I really want to perform on stage, even in the small performing place” and revealed her simple, but impassioned heart.

“I want to continue singing for a long time, so It would be great if my next half album come out again in the future. The schedule for my next album is undecided. There are many tracks that I already finished with the recording. I guess the exact period will come out after the tracks and the concepts that will decorate the stage were decided. I think it will come out soon or later (Laughed).” (photo by YG Entertainment)

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