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Cho A, Yuna and Hani’s Natural Makeup Tips

[By Song Eun Ji] Early in the morning, many idol singers go to broadcasting companies to go on the stage in music programs.
On the way to the performance stage from their home, the celebrities are always surrounded by cameras. Their makeup secrets show off their beauty even in front of constant camera flashes.
Their natural makeup style can be applied to your daily makeup routine. Here are beauty hacks to assimilate their trend.
Pay attention to the glow

The beautiful stars mostly focus on a glow. They add rosy colors to their flawless skin to look perky and bright.
Idol girl groups including GFriend, AOA, Red Velvet, Dalshabet and WJSN boast their lovely complexion by using light blush items and glossy lip products. They also resort to mascaras to have chiselled features.
How to do their makeup routine
POINT 1 Add light colors to your clear face

Soft blush items give you a natural complexion like the young darlings. Apply a pinky blush to the apple of the cheek in circular motions. Also apply it to your eyelids for harmonious shades.

Having a glow is also an important thing that you should not forget about. Lightly use a highlighter on your forehead and your T-zone. With soft shading, you will have a naturally defined face like the celebrities.

Make deep set eyes

If you want to have your face sculpted, pay attention to eye makeup. Mascaras, rather than dark eye shadows or eye liners, can make natural wide set eyes. Don’t forget to apply it to each and every strand of your lashes.

It is not that easy to do it, though. Moving mascara, which has an adjustable three-way brush, will solve your problem. It won’t miss any strand of your lashes, let alone your under lashes.

POINT 3 Have lovely glossy lips

K-pop girl groups are always focusing on shiny lips. Shimmery lips can be realized by resorting to a soft gloss balm item.

The beauty product is perfect for your natural brightness as well as mild hues of your lips. A handy mirror inside the item is convenient for your refresh makeup.

too cool for school’s Pick!

Grasp the celebrities’ makeup style

01 Dinoplatz Triceratops The beauty palette, including blusher, highlighter and shading, is best for your contouring. It can also be used as eyeshadows.

02 Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara The moving mascara with a three-way brush is excellent at lengthening and volumizing lashes. The delicate brush and all-in-one formula take care of each and every strand of your lashes for deep set eyes.

03 Artify Max In Pocket The soft gloss balm makes your lips glossy with mild colors. A built-in mirror helps your refresh makeup.

(photo by too cool for school, bntnews DB)

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