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Thinking About How To Do Minimal Pure Student Makeup?

[by Park Si On/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Recently, more and more girls in their 10s have shown their interest in makeup. ‘They are at an age in which they are pretty with a bare face’ has become an old saying already. Nowadays, they are more concerned about makeup than adults do and student makeup is on-trend.

If you don’t know how to do bare-face like pure student makeup, try it this way. The key point of makeup for 10s is harmony. Beginners always overdo their makeup or make themselves look like as though they use the makeup products of their mother. Therefore, it is better to have natural makeup using colors that are similar to your natural skin tone.

Pink is the color that fits student the most. Using pink for your cheeks and lips can complete natural and lovely makeup that matches teenage girls in their 10s. As for eye makeup, eyeliner makes a big difference but it could be too much for student makeup. Instead of an eyeliner, use a mascara to flaunt your defined eyes with natural brows.


Its fine-cut slim brush can curl all lashes, even not missing hidden short lashes, to present bewitching and defined eyes. The skinny mascara has a 2.5mm slim brush to delicately curl your eyelashes from the front to the end part for lavish lashes.

It is made with excellent natural-derived thickeners to help get smudge-free, clear and long-lasting lashes by fixing them gently without sagging for the whole day. In addition, it doesn’t smudge because of sweat and sebum and troublesome cleansing step is not needed as it is a wash-off type that can be removed easily by lukewarm water.


This has a bright milky pink color that brightens up skin tone regardless of shades to show lovely and revitalized complexion. It is a creamy stick blush that attaches to the skin softly with a single touch to present long-lasting lovely and sharp color.

Real color fitting powder is highly pigmented and doesn’t flake. In particular, it sticks to the skin smoothly to maintain a vivid color for a long time. This stick blush can be put into your pouch allowing you to carry it around conveniently and so, you can do a blush look anywhere, anytime.


It has a wild plum light red color that can bright up your skin to pull off a revitalized mood. The skinny lipstick with a vivid bold color can be drawn on your lips like colored pencils. Also, its red coral color comfortably attaches to your lips and remains intact for a long time.

This multi-use thin and delicate lipstick can be mixed with other lipsticks to do gradation or sharp lips, allowing individualized lip makeup.

It turns into a powdery texture and sticks on the lips once applied to prevent colors from fading, while providing a light and comfortable feeling. It glides on lips smoothly and softly to show defined colors for a long time.

In addition, its color pigments help flaunt the original rich color of the lipstick.

(photo by Stylenanda 3CE, bntnews DB)  

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