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JK Plastic Surgery Center, Sharing Medical Treatment Globally with NFND

[by Hwang Ji Hye/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Receiving worldwide recognition and sharing medical treatments with people in need, plastic surgery techniques in Korea give off a heartwarming feeling.

JK Plastic Surgery Center, a famous plastic surgery clinic in Korea, has continued to run its medical sharing project called ‘New Face New Dream’ (NFND). Apart from conducting overseas volunteering activities that are liaised by governmental institutions, it has been providing free medical surgery for teenagers with intractable burns who are in economic hardships such as low-income class or single-parent family and need advanced medical treatment throughout the world.

To carry out NFND, JK Plastic Surgery Center established a reconstruction project for incurable burns by using stem cells, a highly-advanced medical technology, and is operating an exclusive TFT. The hospital is also working on the ‘Total Healing Care’ project, which finances continuous medical progress after a systematic surgery planning as well as entire medical expenses, flight, meals, and living cost.

The volunteers of NFND program by JK Plastic Surgery Center have shared their warm love to others and raised hot topics. Tan Hwi Rin and her mother from Malaysia were attacked with hydrochloric acid by her father. The mother died right away, while Tan lost the sight of her right eye and got severe burn scarring all over her body and the face.

Considering her condition, JK Plastic Surgery’s medical team took additional measures apart from burn reconstruction surgery such as glasses and contact lens for her weakened cornea due to frequent surgeries. Tan now plans to prepare for employment after undergoing several surgeries. To repay the love she has received so far, she said that she wants to start volunteering and charity work, impressing many people with her words.

Apart from Tan Hwi Rin, JK Plastic Surgery Center also helped other children who got burned and were in desperate situations such as Vou Qouc Linh, a burned baby from Vietnam, and Aisha, a burned baby from Kazakhstan. Vou Qouc Linh from Vietnam showed up as the main character on MBC ‘Volunteering Hope Project Sharing Is Happiness – Love Arirang Burned Baby in Vietnam’ (literal translation) and shared his sad story. In April 2011, Vou Qouc Linh was fatally burned by his father who was an alcoholic. His whole body was burned and he was only three years old at that time. After receiving treatments by JK Plastic Surgery Center, he has regained his laughter.  

NFND project of JK Plastic Surgery Center that gifts hopeless children including Tan Hwi Rin a new life is operated through the cooperative work of JK Facial Deformities Support Center, The Ministry of Health and Welfare and Korea Youth Work Agency. The project provides free facial reconstruction surgeries for teenagers who are economically impoverished regardless of whether they are in Korea or not.

The representative director of JK Plastic Surgery Center revealed, “Medical plastic surgery is needed all over the world but there are many people who cannot get it due to economic factors. NFND is a large-scale project to create a warm society by providing continuous support for these people”, added, “Apart from medical services, we try hard to give full support to heal the mental scars of patients as well.”

Meanwhile, JK Plastic Surgery Center received the certificate of merit as ‘Excellent Medical Tourism Corporation of Gangnam-gu’ on Nov 23. This award was selected based on diverse assessment criteria. As one of the 16 institutions located in Gangnam-gu that have more than 500 foreign patients, and a corporation that has more than 100% performance increase over the previous year while gaining global recognition and credibility of medical technology in Gangnam through a variety of projects, JK Plastic Surgery Center was awarded.

In addition, the ‘One-Stop Preoperative Check’ uses advanced medical imaging and surgical equipment to provide accurate analysis and diagnostics before surgery for thoroughly checking the health status of patients. It is also equipped with a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) team having anesthesiology specialists stationed at the center to deal with inevitable emergencies, emergency kits, UPS uninterruptible power supply system  that ensures power supply during surgery in case of a blackout, self-pain control devices and CRM Monitoring System to prioritize the safety of patients.

(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Center, bntnews DB)

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