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“We Cheer Your Beautiful Life Up” ‘Change Life’ Challenger Lei Thi Thuy’s New Life

[by Hwang Ji Hye/ translated by You-bin Ha] In Korea, they say that when a woman changes, it’s not her fault. The new life of Lei Thi Thuy has just begun. Lei Thi Thuy has completely changed herself thanks to Korean plastic surgery. She attracted lots of people’s attention by appearing in a Vietnamese makeover show ‘Change Life’ where TV Joseon ‘Beautiful You’s healing doctors JK Plastic Surgery was the main medical team.

VTV ‘Change Life’ introduces Lei Thi Thuy’s sad story. She used to be taunted for having a protruding jaw and had completely lost confidence in her. To resolve the problem, her father brought her in a big hospital in Hanoi, but they only said that Lei Thi Thuy’s case was incurable.

The big chance came to Lei Thi Thuy when she realized the limit of her country’s medical facilities. She decided to participate in ‘Change Life’. Boasting outstanding technical skills and being well-known by foreigners, JK Plastic Surgery also participated as the doctors in the program and chose Lei Thi Thuy.

JK Plastic Surgery’s directors Kim Sung Sik, Bae Jun Sung, Baek Hae Won, Kwon Sun Hong and Choi Hang Suk prudently checked Lei Thi Thuy’s situation and set the operation plan after diverse meetings with different specialists. With Bimaxillary Operation that corrected her protruding chin, a Chin Reduction Surgery was also processed to balance her long face’s proportion. Moreover, they emphasized her face’s volume thanks to Facial Fat Graft and her eyes and nose were also defined. With all these procedures, Lei Thi Thuy became beautiful.

While preparing the operation, Thuy’s father passed away. But she didn’t give up and the medical team of JK Plastic Surgery made its best efforts to successfully finish the operation.

The JK medical team that was consisted of the most talented experts in Korea heard about Lei Thi Thuy’s sad situation. Not to disappoint her father, the doctors proceeded the operation very carefully. After many efforts, Lei Thi Thuy finally got a new face and is preparing to start another life.

Bimaxillary operation is the most difficult one in the plastic surgery field since the bone of oral cavity is replaced. You can expect a satisfactory result when it’s done by seasoned medical stuffs who possess advanced skills. Korea’s famous plastic surgery JK Plastic Surgery consists of 12 specialits. Moreover, it established the best security systems such as a CPR Team, an emergency kit, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Central Monitoring System and a related system with university hospital, considering patient’s security as the first priority.

By being the first medical institution dedicated to foreign patients in 2009, JK Plastic Surgery got the Prime Minister’s Commendation for the third year in a row from 2011 and received three times the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Commendation. Not only that, it was chosen as the ‘Best Gangnam Medical Tour Center” on November 23.

With outstanding skills and NFND, JK Plastic Surgery is managing its medical services in the USA, China, Vietnam and Malaysia and created a cooperative network with different countries such as the Middle East, Russia/CIS, China, the USA and Japan. It’s progressively gaining ground in the world as a global plastic surgery. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery)

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Write: 2015-12-14 16:19:13 / Update: 2015-12-14 16:22:35

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