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Tips For Making Your Skin Moist Like That Of Stars In Dry Winter

[by Song Eun Ji] Winter is dry and cold.

Suffering from both dryness and coldness, your skin is stressed having redness and a variety of skin troubles. In winter, your skin is so dry and tight that you even feel like your skin will be torn soon. Then, how can we keep our skin moist like that of stars this season?

Focus here if you want to keep your skin moist like stars despite the weather. Here found are the skin care know-hows in winter to keep your skin moist even in the dry winter season.

STEP 1 Wash Your Face

The first thing you need to do after coming back home is to remove the fine dust, makeup residues, and wastes in the pores by washing your face. Here, if you give strong irritation to your skin, your skin troubles and blushing may become severe. Thus, pay attention to picking your cleanser and washing your face.

In order to avoid giving irritation to your sensitive skin, you had better use a mild cleanser made from natural substances. Use a foam cleanser with plentiful foam, and wash your face by softly massaging every part of your face. Here, it is better to use lukewarm water as too cold or too hot water gives a strong irritation to your skin.

STEP 2 Supply Nutrition

If you have cleaned your skin by washing your face, now soothe your damaged skin with skin care products and supply nutrition. Your skin gets more burdens when you use a number of cosmetics. Thus, it is good to take care of your skin with only one to two items.

Use a toner that can soothe your skin, and then, use a moisture cream with complex functions added such as sheep oil cream. As its major substance is lanolin, which is excellent for recovering damaged skin, soothing, and supplying nutrition to your skin, doing a satisfactory skin care in winter.

STEP 3 Special Care

In winter, you need to add a special item to your daily skin care on a regular basis. The simplest special care is to use a pack. In particular, a sleeping pack using the time while you are sleeping is picked as the optimal item for perfect skin care in winter.

If you want to increase the effects of a sleeping pack, try a brush exclusively for sleeping pack. You can apply a sleeping pack more thinly and evenly with the brush. Thus, the nutritional substances of the sleeping pack can be rapidly absorbed deep into your skin in a hygienic way.

‘It’ Item For Moist Skin In Dry Winter?

KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser

A foam cleanser for removing wastes without irritation to your skin contains a natural surfactant. It is made from 90% of nature-derived substances and so people with sensitive skin can use this product without any worries.

KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM-Lanolin & 8berry

A fresh moisture cream which allows you to do a complex skin care without irritating your skin, as it contains natural lanolin substances extracted from natural wool. It also contains eight kinds of berry substances called multivitamins for complex care including moisturizing, nutrition supply, skin brightening, and antioxidizing.


A sleeping pack made from camellia, black ginseng, rosewater, and lanolin (sheep oil), has soothing, anti-aging, and moisturizing functions. Its plentiful nutrition substances are rapidly absorbed into your skin, helping with a complex skin care. The product includes a brush exclusively for a sleeping pack, which maximizes the effects of the pack.

(photo by KICHO, bntnews DB)

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