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“Skin, Turn on the Light!” Celebrity Makeup on Stage

[by Song Eun Ji] Stars who get spotlights on a glamorous stage have glistening skin that we all envy.

We are jealous of their flawless skin but we don’t receive the same spotlights during our daily lives. If you want to show off your shiny flawless skin like celebrities, turn on your skin’s light.

How can we turn on the light for our skin? We have prepared this article for those who want shiny and sparkly skin like celebrities. We will introduce makeup know-hows that will help your skin shine even without spotlights.

STEP 1 Skin Care

The first thing you need to pay attention to for shiny skin makeup is ‘moisturizing.’ Use an all-in-one product that is multi-functional to create a solid moisture layer on your skin.

Apply a thin layer of an all-in-one lifting cream on the entire face. Make sure the cream is absorbed into your skin by a light stitching massage. Then, you will be able to apply makeup without it becoming lumpy, enabling a flawless skin expression.

too cool for school Egg Mellow Cream

This is a 5in1 all-in-one cream that contains three main ingredients that are essential for skin. It provides a complex care that includes moisturizing, elasticity, and lifting. It also contains melting strings that are made of 98% purity collagen and therefore has a very stretchy texture. As you apply the product and pat it on your face, collagen will get absorbed into your skin. It naturally lifts and moisturizes your skin and to give you a smooth and elastic skin just like an egg.

Shiny and Bright Skin Makeup

You don’t need to cover your skin with thick makeup for shiny skin. Use a multi-functional item like La Ola, which takes care of skin care and makeup at the same time. You will be able to finish your makeup very lightly with this product.

By using a covering product that has a skin care function, you can have a glossy skin. But if you want to emphasize the glossiness, we recommend using a facial oil. At the last step of your makeup, lightly apply a small amount of oil serum using your palms.

01 too cool for school DINOPLATZ LA OLA
This product contains aqua serum pockets that burst as soon as they touch your skin and provide moisture and shine. It also includes a brightener, concealer, and a cheek blush palette in addition to the aqua serum cover BB. It is very convenient to carry around and helps you with fast and perfect shiny makeup anytime and anywhere.

02 too cool for school Rules of skincare PRESTIGE HYDRA INFUSED OIL This dual facial oil serum has the nutrition of a serum and the moisture of an oil. You can pick the elasticity or the brightening effect according to your skin concerns and even use it for makeup in addition to skin care.

Shiny Strobing Makeup

Another name for shiny makeup that looks light when you are under a spotlight is ‘strobing makeup.’ This emphasizes the three-dimensionality of your face and helps with glamorous and lively skin makeup. You can finish your makeup with a highlighter.

For natural shiny makeup, you need to consider the color and the type of a highlighter. You should use a nude-toned highlighter with pearls that will look natural on your skin. Instead of using an artificial white-colored product, use a multi-colored highlighter with three colors for more natural strobing makeup.

too cool for school Art Class By Rodin Highlighter

This multi-colored highlighter has three nude-toned colors with pearls that are similar to our skin tone. You can create various looks by blending the colors differently. Also, the fine shimmering powder that sticks to skin well can create a natural shiny look.

(photo by too cool for school, bntnews DB)

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