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Why Do We Like Winter Even If It’s Cold? Because of a Flat Chest!

[by Sung Hee Yeon] Office worker Park Joo Eun’s (alias, age 28) favorite season is winter. But she has cold hands and feet and is more sensitive to cold than other people, having to wear layers of clothes to stay warm. Then why does she like winter?

It is because she has a flat chest. She hated having to wear clothes that show her figure during summer. But during winter, she can hide her flat chest with thick clothes. She gets stressed out when she wears thin clothes that highlight her flat chest. How can she overcome this insecurity?

Dr. Kang Yeon Woong of Start Plastic Surgery, a famous plastic surgery hospital in Korea, said, “Many Asian women genetically have less developed upper body and therefore have a flat chest complex.” He also said, “More and more women are coming into the clinic to have consultation  about breast augmentation surgery for the upcoming summer.”

Dr. Kang continued, “Many women want natural breasts but also want big breasts. However, for satisfactory results, it is important to choose a size that fits your body type. But most importantly, you need to make sure that you feel natural.”

Unlike the past when they only cared about size augmentation, people are now interested in the natural feeling. This is made possible by ‘Feeling Waterdrop Breast Surgery,’ which gives breasts natural touch and feel just like real breasts. This is an improvement from the existing breast surgery technique which resulted in an unnatural feel and is therefore becoming popular among women who want naturalness.

This surgery combines prostheses implant with fat transplantation. It inserts soft waterdrop-like prostheses first and then injects fat on top of them. The prostheses shape can be waterdrop-like or round, and you can decide which kind you want after consulting with a specialist, since each individual has a different breast shape.

After inserting prostheses, you can extract fat from areas you want, such as your thighs or belly, and inject the extracted fat on top of prostheses for better feeling. The most important factor in fat transplantation is cell compatibility. Feeling Waterdrop Surgery improves cell compatibility and reduces side effects by using harvest-jet fat transplantation and purifying similar-sized fat particles.

Dr. Kang said, “Feeling Waterdrop Breast Surgery combines prostheses implant with fat transplantation for noticeable size augmentation and natural feel. I definitely recommend this to those considering breast surgery.” He added, “However, the surgery is difficult since it combines two techniques. Therefore, you should consult with specialists who have many years of clinical experience.”

(photo by Start Plastic Surgery, bntnews DB)

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