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Secrets for Young-looking Face, ‘Deep Moisture Care’ Is The Answer

[by Jung Yoo Jin] Celebrities on screen look like that they are going against time. They get younger year by year without getting wrinkles, surprising many women and leaving them wondering.

To stay young, things like hair styling and makeup are important, but the most important element is clear and moist skin. To keep your skin young for the future, we suggest deep moisture care.

STEP 1 Providing Moisture by Consuming Water

When you stay in a dry and poorly ventilated environment for a long time, your skin tends to get dry. You will feel your skin losing moisture and cracking, sometimes causing irritation. In this case, you can use a humidifier to raise the humidity level of the room. This will provide a temporary solution.

If you want a lasting solution, you need to raise the water content level of your body by drinking more water. This will help your skin and even get rid of the dark circles under your eyes.

STEP 2 Do Not Let Your Skin Get Dry after Cleansing

Skin is affected by various environmental factors. During dry and windy seasons like these days, your metabolism and sebaceous glands slow down, causing dry and flaky skin. In such case, it is important to provide moisture to your skin right after cleansing so that your skin doesn’t get a chance to dry out.

First, provide moisture to your skin by using a moisture essence. Then, use an eye cream or a lifting cream to areas with fine wrinkles such as rims of eyes and lips. Remember to apply a cream by lightly tapping on your face. For best absorption, apply products with lighter texture first.

If you have an extra dry skin that rapidly dries out even when you use moisture products, you need to take care of your skin more carefully. Carry a mist with essence ingredients with you so that you can apply it on the go. Also, keep an oil mist in your bathroom and spray it right after cleansing so that your skin does not dry out.

STEP 3 Systematic Care at Professional Skin Care Clinics

If you feel that improving your daily environment or getting home care is not enough, we recommend getting professional skin care at skin care clinics. The ‘Real Naked Face Program’ by a premium beauty care shop, The Red Club, will make your naked face bright and beautiful. It will balance your skin’s oil-water content and provide elasticity, lifting, and whitening care at the same time.

Skin becomes dry and forms dark spots and wrinkles by natural aging and light aging. During dry seasons like these days, the skin’s oil-water balance will be broken and the aging process will be accelerated. The above program prevents this and improves the oil-water balance to make your skin healthier.

First, they get rid of extra dead skin cells and provide relief and moisture to skin, rejuvenating skin barriers. Then, they shrink your pores by the elasticity care and lifting program, providing energy to your skin and improving wrinkles. After that, they have the brightening program to improve your skin tone and your dark complexion. This will strengthen your skin’s energy as well.

The keyword in the beauty industry now is ‘anti-aging.’ With a simple and systematic care, you can have younger-looking skin just like celebrities!

(photo by The Red Club, bntnews DB)

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