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Secret Of Hallyu Stars’ Perfect Skincare Lies In Filming Sets?

[by Choi Soojin] Stars with a perfect skin always take care of their skin even in filming sets and while they are moving.

Go Ara, who makes her first challenge in a historical movie, takes care of her skin by using moisturizing ampoules in her car while moving. Singer Ivy uses mask packs, and actress Kim Min-hee often drinks water to complete her moisturized skin.

As winter begins, your skin becomes drier and darker. In addition, the great temperature difference between the outside and the inside harms the immunity system, and the indoor heaters make your skin drier as well. Consequently, your makeup also becomes cakey.

Moreover, if your skin  gets  troubles, the situation gets worst. Nevertheless, stars in the screen always boast a flawless skin, attracting people’s attention. This is a result of continuous efforts, which are not easy to make.

In order to have a star-like perfect skin, you need to moisturize your skin first. For this, remove your dead skin cells. When the weather is cold and dry, your skin’s moisture decreases, and that leads you have thick dead skin cells.

But, if your skin is sensitive, exfoliating  is a bad idea since it can damage your skin barrier by causing more dead skin cells. Therefore, eliminate your dead skin cells with a soft product, and sufficiently moisturize your skin with a mask pack or a moisturizing cream.  

Steadily take care of your skin in your daily life. If the indoor humidity is under 50%, you can easily lose your skin’s moisture. Thus, control the indoor humidity by having some plants or a humidifier.

Frequently drink water, and protect your skin from the cold and dry weather with a moisture-rich cream or essence. Complete the routine by using a mask pack. Using a spa or taking a lower-body bath is also a good way to activate your blood circulation and thus have a clear skin.

How about using a mild and nutritious product to take care of your skin when it became very sensitive because of dry air?

Royal Gold EX Cream is an all-in-one product with the functions of basic cosmetics such as skin toner, eye cream, essence, lotion, and cream as well as the function of exfoliating. Its gel-type texture is rapidly absorbed into your skin, providing plentiful moisture and nutrient.  

If you use Royal Gold EX Lotion along with the item, you can have a better moisturizing effect to your rough and dry skin. Do a special skincare with it when your skin is especially tired or dry. They will make your skin healthier by intensively moisturizing it. (photo by Royal Green Korea Co., Ltd. bntnews DB)

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