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[Interview] Kwon Sang woo tells about his life in drama and in reality

[by Kwon Hyuk kee  / translated by Cho Suyoun] I don’t even want to think about it; my wife talking to other man while my daughter is in an accident and I work at host bar for my family. However, Ha Ryu still covered everything for her at the end. How about Kwon live a life of Ha Ryu for real?

“I would just forget. What would you do with a woman who left her husband and child.” It’s true. It’s best to live the way it is.

On April 9th, an interview with SBS ‘Queen of Ambition’s Kwon Sang woo (36 years old) was held in Gangnam, Seoul. He started with a comment that ‘I’m satisfied that the view rate was pretty high.” “It feels like I went to Sauna but forgot to wash myself. Until the 12th episode, I was glad to shoot the drama but then I got lost at some point.” Said Kwon Sang woo.

Kwon continued to talk about the drama. “It was the ending I wanted. Understanding and embracing everything is what I believe Ha Ryu would do. Well, for all the works, I need to understand the story before shooting. But this time, I didn't know about the ending at all.”

‘Queen of Ambition’ ended with a view rate of 24.2%. About this he said “It is hard to get a rate of 20% and I’m not sure at which position I am. I think I have a sense of frustration this time.”

Actually, the ‘Queen of Ambition’ was like a live drama because the script was late many times. However he said “I don’t have any complains about current drama making system. I sometimes enjoy how it is processed in tension. But, I hate the cold so I don’t like to shoot outside for such a long time.”

He also talked about another drama from MBC that was in competition with the one he was in. “Honestly, I didn't want to compete with ‘Horse Doctor.’ It is directed by Lee Byung hoon and that type of historical drama do not lose the view rate once they gain their audience so I was a bit worried. When the rate was almost the same, I thought we won.” said Kwon with a chuckle.

Kwon sang woo also mentioned about his co-actress Soo Ae. “When a drama has to be successful, the actress has to stand out, and when the actress stands out the actor next to her also stands out. Soo Ae had a hard time. 

If an actress with bad acting had Joo Da hae character, the view rate wouldn't be that high, but Soo Ae did amazing job there. I also told the director that it is Soo Ae who led the drama after second half. 

 “A grand prize? Well, it will be great if I win a trophy but I honestly don’t have interest in it. I want to be an actor that is well known among everyone. I thing going to Canne is not that great thing. I thank Jackie Chan for having me participated in such a great project with great opportunity. I don’t aim trophy for my acting career.”

With this drama, he finally left a controversy of his acting ability. “When I looked at an article about me after shooting host bar scene, there was a comment such as ‘His host bar act is different and real since he used to work at host bar.’ 

That was just out of all reason. I just wanted to shoot with more fun since I can never meet a character like this in other dramas. It was the most interesting scene of Ha Ryu.” said Kwon.

After the experience from ‘Queen of Ambition’ he says his thought about job ‘actor’ has been changed. “I believe that actor is very fine job since it can give happiness to many people. I think that actors need to communicate with people through works. 

Even if I donate all the money I have, it does not make me a great actor. Actors are proved by works” said Kwon with his own belief. For the last comment, he said “I want to meet fans through great works in Korea, not in other countries.”

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Kwon Sang woo interview

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