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[Interview] Zo In sung, I want to be an actor like DiCaprio and Downey Jr.

[by Kwon Hyuk Kee / translated by Chloe Yun] How on earth would “an actor with eyes of Leonard DiCaprio and flexibility of Robert Downey Jr.” look like? Actor Zo In sung is longing for becoming this unimaginable actor figure.

“I wish to be like DiCaprio. His eyes are so energetic and shining when he concentrates on something. I also admire Downey Jr.’s sterling sense of humor. I can his genius; he’s got the ability to act serious in an effortless way. It is really cool,” said Zo during his interview.  

It seems we may not be able to meet the DiCaprio-Downey version of Zo In sung right away from his next TV drama; it looks like he still hasn’t come out of his previous role ‘Oh Soo’ from SBS ‘That Winter, Wind Blow,’ which recently went off the air.  

On April 5, there was an interview with Zo In Sung, who looked uncomfortable sitting on a chair due to his tall of stature; he was definitely taller than DeCaprio and the Iron Man.  
Zo continually tried to find his comfortable sitting position while managing the interview, which showed his concentration and flexibility that will soon reach the peak of DeCaprio and the Iron Man.  

According to a source from ‘That Winter, the Wind Blow,’ the writer Noh Hee kyung said to Zo In sung who showed tears after the TV series ended, “You worked too hard. Should’ve been sloppier or you will die early.”  

The image of Oh Soo that is stamped in viewer’s mind was the collaboration of Zo In sung and Noh Hee kyung. “You’ve got ‘the look.’ Always remember the look and the eyes," said the writer to the actor. 

The writer’s advice encouraged the actor to perfectly express Oh Soo’s detailed emotions through his eyes when Oh Young (Song Hye kyo) found out about his identity. “Don’t try to explain but look in her eyes. You are only sorry for your love toward her. Remember the eyes of love,” said the writer. 

“I was once a young, awkward actor. It seems that being in my 30s gives me some advantage as an actor, not that I became a better actor!” said Zo In sung. 

Zo In sung also gave off his fresh charm during the interview. “I said to Song Hye kyo that being in the TV drama made me feel so loved that I wanted to walk in the street (to meet fans),” cheerfully said the actor, “and producer Mr. Kim suggested we shoot in an amusement park sometimes.”  

Winter guy, Zo In sung 

Zo In sung and winter seem to have a deep connection in a way that he always did TV dramas that aired during winter. “I guess it is a schedule circulation. Once I chose a winter drama, I happened to choose it again—especially with SBS—because the timing is just about right." He continued, “And someone said that he foresaw me doing another winter drama with SBS later soon. 

Zo In sung, of course, likes winter. The actor said that he and winter work in good harmony even though he had to work hard during the season.  “My mother often scolds me for my cold-to-death winter fashion,” said the fashionista. “But it feels like I get more handsome when being cold,” he continued with a boy face, “and I can’t give up on it!” 

“I like acting winter-guy image, a cold-hearted guy. But I somehow act a cold-hearted guy with a hot feeling. I matched well with a cold-hearted character because of my sharp features, Zo In sung continued, “I want to play a vampire someday, the path of American idol stars.”  

Through “That Winter, the Wind Blow,” he was imprinted to viewers’ mind as the emotional guy. Zo In sung confessed that he had hard time with crying scenes.  As the actor said “Guys don’t cry often,” it is hard for guys to act really crying, which is totally different from showing tears.

“As an actor, I don’t usually get hurt. So I try to bring up the sad memories from the old past, and it is a hard work.”   

However, there is no doubt that Zo In sung is one of few actors who show the most impressive crying scene. Oh Soo cried since the beginning of the show. “Ms. Noh and Mr. Kim said Oh Soo had to cry from the third episode of the show,” said the emotional actor, “Intensive crying scenes usually come after the climax. It was hard to keep with the strong emotion from the beginning.”

The writer Ms. Noh was very worried with the actor’s health condition. “Don’t cry from now on. Forget about the script and just go with the emotion,” said the writer to the actor who checked into a hospital suffering from enteritis.

Zo In sung said, “If my crying scenes have ever touched the viewers’ hearts, it is all thank to Ms. No’s advice and help. I could not be able to cry if I couldn’t concentrate.”

Zo In sung announced that he is planning to do film noir for his next movie. The actor said it would be a movie like “The Man from Nowhere” (starring Won Bin), but nothing hasn’t been confirmed yet.

How would Zo In sung version of “The Man from Nowhere” look like? 


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Write: 2013-04-08 11:08:37 / Update: 2013-04-08 14:27:38

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