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[Interview] Song Hye gyo says her current drama made her feel embarrassed, WHY?

[by Kwon Hyuk Kee / translated by Cho Suyoun] SBS ‘That winter, the wind blows’ just ended yesterday. What does this dram mean to Song hye gyo? According to her words, this drama has made her feel embarrassed in her acting. It means that this drama has made her more mature.

The interview was held at a restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul on April 3rd. She says “I want to go back to ‘That winter.’ “I don’t want to let it go for now” says Song Hye gyo. “It’s going to take some time to let go of Oh Young character. I will need a lot of efforts to let it go.”

“The act that I did in ‘That winter’ was coming from my heart. The work at entertainment field is not so easy for women. It may sound like an excuse but I do suffer patiently. Since it was all build up during 18 years of acting experience, sensitive acts come out naturally.

“My senior actors once told me that lots of experience help better acting. When I was young, I thought that acting and real life is a separate thing, and it has been very short period since I realized that they are one thing together. I realized a little through the work ‘The world that they live in’ and realized more during movie shoot ‘Today.’

Now it has totally combined as one, my real life experience and acting. “I’m having a hard time to get over it. I think I’m having some problems leaving characters,” says Song.
“A few days ago, I had a conversation with writer No Hee kyoung and told her that I feel embarrassed now. Then she said ‘you just began the acting truly.’”

It was not just Song Hye gyo only who could not leave ‘That winter, the wind blows’ from their mind. According to Song, all the staffs and actors went to the last shooting place Jinhae on March 31st. They all had a drink together.

They first had dinner in Jinhae and went to Busan to have a drink and have a conversation but everyone seemed very sad. Including the director, all the actors could not get themselves out of the work.

Nevertheless, ‘That winter, the wind blows’ had a happy ending. However, it was hard to leave the work after 5 months of team work.

When asked how she feels about ending the drama, she said “it was a worthwhile thing to do.” “First of all, there are many prejudices against people who are visually impaired. And they did not feel so well about how actors who play a role of visually impaired person always grope around too much.”

“To them, everything is at same place and the environment is very friendly to them so they could easily reach to things without groping too much. Unless they panic, it does not happen” says Song Hye gyo.

Song thanked those blind people in her real life as well. The manager of community service that she went to said that thanks to ‘That winter’ there are much less prejudice against blind people. People seem nicer.

Long time ago, Song Hye gyo hardly looked up on internet about her but she recently finds articles about here because they are very positive about her acting.

“I also read articles about ‘That winter’ and there were mentions about people thinking about giving helps to blind people. I felt very happy that the drama brought some changes to people’s perception.”

Her drama won the first place out of all other dramas played at the same time, but the percentage was not so high. About that Song said “I don’t really mind about percentage. Now people watch TV through DMB or computer and many people say that they all watched. Also the previous work was only 6% so I feel happy.” She said with laughs.

About her next work, she wants to try a bright character. “I don’t have any energy left to do another gloomy character. I poured all my heart to ‘That winter, the wind blows.’ For the next one, I want to try a comfortable romantic one like movie ‘Notting Hill’.”

Meanwhile, Song Hye gyo will fly to China to join director John Woo’s new movie.

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Song Hye gyo interviews after the drama is over

Write: 2013-04-04 08:33:22 / Update: 2013-04-16 17:35:26

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