Size Determines A Successful Diet

[by Song Eunji] More people are deciding to go on a diet regardless of their age and gender because of the heat wave that is earlier than usual. If you want to have a beautiful, healthy body, you had better refrain from excessive diet such as one food diet, detox diet, and fast and excessive exercise.

An excessive diet can directly lead to health issues by causing a nutritional imbalance. In fact, many specialists emphasize that regular meals and exercise are the most important for a successful diet that protects health.

However, if you have not had any effect through various diets, let’s reduce the number of fat cells to remove the fundamental cause of obesity. If the number of your fat cells is reduced, your body weight is not increased much even if the size of your fat cells increases, and you can also reduce your body size.

Director Kwon Soon-hong at JK Plastic Surgery Center, which is a famous plastic surgery hospital in South Korea, says, “The result of the liposuction may greatly depend on the equipments and skills of the operating surgeon. Thus, if you want to have a safe, satisfactory result, you need to thoroughly check which equipment is used and how much the operating surgeon is skilled before operation.”

Unlike the conventional liposuction that approaches a specific part in a two-dimensional way, recently, the popular surgery is ‘the 3D liposuction,’ which is a body plastic surgery to approach by dividing the surface layer and the deep fat layer and clearly materialize the lines made by all muscles of human body in a three-dimensional way. You can perform the 3D liposuction not only on your abdomen but also various parts such as thighs, arms, sides, back, and face.

As the abdomen has a lot of subcutaneous fat and its skin elasticity is decreased easily, it is hard to return to the original state. If the skin elasticity is decreased due to aging, if there are stretch marks because of a rapid weight change, or if there is a severe scar on the abdomen, you had better improve elasticity with an abdomen plastic surgery as well as reduce fat volume through liposuction.

Director Kwon Soon-hong says, “When the liposuction and the abdomen plastic surgery are done together, you must first check the condition of the skin, fat, and fascia of the abdomen and then determine the amount of the tissues to be removed and whether the abdominal fascia plastic surgery is needed or not. As the incision line and surgery method must be determined to suit the condition of each patient, you need to check if a latest cutting-edge equipment is used, if the operating surgeon understands much about anatomy, and has plentiful clinical experience and know-how.”

If you are afraid of surgeries like the liposuction, you can also expect an improvement of your body with a procedure such as the liposonix. The liposonix is a procedure that permanently destroys fat cells with high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). It is very popular as it is done on the abdomen and sides leading to a fast effect of reducing the body size.

Another factor of the liposonix is that it is not a surgery but a noninvasive procedure without incision, not like the liposuction, which is a body shape surgery. The liposonix has less yo-yo syndrome than general diets, and you can see your fat cells reduced even with one procedure without any scar or trace. Also, you can make your skin texture even while reducing the size.

Workers prefer liposonix as you can return to your daily life immediately after the procedure. You can obtain effects with only the procedure, but, if you systematically take care of your body by also going on a diet that fits your body shape and characteristics, you can expect a satisfactory body shape change within two to three months.

JK Plastic Surgery Center has a consultation room to suit the characteristics of each area such as face contour surgery, bimaxillary operation, body shape plastic surgery, anti-aging, eyes and nose surgery, and hair surgery. The hospital has a customer-centered system where the medical team with abundant clinical and procedure experiences in each area meets the patients in person for consultation. In addition, the hospital has a special zero-swelling system to help a safe, fast recovery after operation including reduction of swelling and bruise, treatment of injuries, skin regeneration, and elasticity improvement as well as pain reduction in the parts of operation.

If you have made up your mind to receive a plastic surgery, you need to thoroughly check the safety system of the hospital. JK Plastic Surgery Center performs an accurate analysis and diagnosis through cutting-edge medical imaging equipments and surgical devices. In addition, the hospital thoroughly checks the health condition of the patients through a test before the surgery, and there is always a specialist in anesthesiology in the hospital.

Moreover, JK Plastic Surgery Center has a CPR team, an emergency kit, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which allows the surgeons to continue an operation during blackout, a patient controlled analgesia, CRM monitoring system, etc. considering the possibility of an unavoidable emergency situation and placing the top priority on the safety of patients. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Center)


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