Collaboration, The Magic Of Creating A Trend By Combining Two Into One

[by Sin Hyun Jung] Collaboration is a jargon mainly used in the fashion industry to describe cooperative work of designers. The issue is still valid.

Collaboration is not only used to describe cooperative work by people from different fields now, but also used in a wide range of areas. Let’s take a look at how the pedigree developed and at highlighted collaborations starting from the fashion industry to the singing industry and the beauty industry.

Fashion Industry

In the recent 2-3 years, the word ‘collaboration’ is impossible to be skipped in fashion trend-related conversations. The range of collaboration themes has become wider, expanding from simply famous designers and celebrities to fashion influencers. Evolution has occurred.

The cooperation of luxury brands and SPA brands, the participation of fashion designers as trendsetters of pop culture and the use of global fashionistas as models for Korean brands to change brand images are various examples of collaborations.

There are loads of fashion collaboration issues that we are expecting this year. Musician Pharrell Williams and Adidas released new collaborative products which were the extension of the original collection ‘Stan Smith’ that is released continually.

The most successful and representative collaboration is the collaborative collections of H&M and it will release its new collaboration with Balmain on November 5. The chance of wearing clothes of an entry-level of Balmain raised the attention of many fashionistas.

Singing Industry

Sistar member Soyou and Jung Gi Go released their collaborative song ‘Some’ in 2014 and set the  new formula for a hit song. San E and Raina released ‘A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness’, Zion.T and Crush, Jonghyun and Zion.T, Davichi and Mad Clown and more artists also released their collaborative songs and were spotlighted.

Apart from collaborations between singers, the new trend is the ones between singers and others, such as comedians and composers. Collaboration in the singing industry has also evolved.  

Beauty Industry

Collaboration issues are noticeably emerging in the beauty industry compared to other industries this year. Various beauty brands recruited designers hoping to express their brand identity more effectively.

A cosmetic brand, well-known for its moisturizing line of natural fermented ingredients, has collaborated with a rookie designer, Kay.en. With a designer’s unique sensibility, Kay.en changed the packaging of the brand’s products to portray its trendy image.

The brand revealed, “The art work of Kay.en visualized the pursuit direction of the brand at once. Also, collaboration has the meaning of creating synergy that results in more than two instead of just combining two things.” (photo by: su:m37, bntnews DB)


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