‘Summer Make-Up Q&A’ With Too Cool For School

[by Song Eunji] If you want to learn summer make-up tips, now pay attention.

The hot weather of summer destroys even your make-up which required much effort. However, women cannot skip make-up, and their worry gets serious.

If you are curious about a perfect summer make-up tip for daily and vacation make-up, focus here. A summer make-up knowhow is proposed by Too Cool For School, a design cosmetics brand in South Korea.

Q. How can I wear summer skin make-up?

The key of summer make-up is ‘thinness.’ You need to cover your skin as thinly as possible in order to keep perfect skin even in hot weather.

Use a solid foundation for thin, flawless make-up. A fluid foundation would make a thin, light cover film on your skin, completing a bright make-up that is not destroyed.

>> too cool for school’s Pick!
A multi-product that consists in a solid foundation with ultrafine bluemarine serum pocket perform both skin care and make-up. Here, the eye brightener, concealer, and lip and cheek that are included help a simple but perfect make-up.

Q. I want to try a unique make-up, but am worried if I would stand out too much. Isn’t there any make-up tip which is easy and unique?

‘Color make-up’ is great as a unique make-up to suit summer. If you feel that the use of color eyeshadow or eyeliner is too much, how about a make-up with a color point added?

It is good to apply a color mascara on your whole eyelashes, but, if you add a color point at the end, you can present sensuous make-up. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler sufficiently, and apply a color mascara to finish your make-up.  

>> too cool for school’s Pick!
Check Hot Girl Lash)
A color mascara made of colors of nutbrown that is good to be used for daily make-up, vivid royal blue, and raspberry pink. It adds a color point to your eyelashes, and its nut brush adapts to the curves of eyes stages a clean curling.

Q. Please recommend a make-up correction method useful in summer.

The two largest worries related to make-up correction in summer are sunblock and oily skin. A sunmist is proper as a sunblock that can be applied even on a face with make-up.

If you worry over oily face, use a pore pact that is effective for covering pores and controlling sebum. Here, select a product that allows you to choose the color that fits your skin tone, and you can present Photoshop-like bright skin.  

>> too cool for school’s Pick!
A sunmist that protects your skin with a strong sunblock effect and moisturizes your skin with clean glacial milk from Alaska, etc. You can use it on a face with make-up and wet skin as it is in a light and transparent form. 02 CHECK VELVET PORE PACT A multi custom finish product divided into colors of pink, green, and white that can brighten your skin, correct your skin tone, and relieve redness. It materializes a bright tone-up to suit your skin tone, and keeps your skin fluffy all day long by adsorbing sebum.
(photo by Too Cool For School, bntnews DB)

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