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[Beauty Interview] Hot rookie actor Son Seung won, looking like a twin of Song Joong ki

[by Yoon Tae hong / photo by Lee Hyun mu / translated by Cho Suyoun] A musical actor who look just like Song Joong ki has appeared. He himself says he is a true man but he attracts women fans as a little brother.

This year, he turned 24. He is currently in a rock musical called 'Trace You' followed by a musical of homosexual 'Thrill me' and humorous play named 'Mildang.' In the interview, his hidden charms will be revealed and beauty secrets and that fans wonder.

You've been playing a main role after 'Thrill me.' Compare to previous works, how's 'Trace you'?
Well, the common thing is that they are both  musicals of two men. 'Thrill me' covers homosexual code, dark and inner elements, whereas the current one is a rock musical with many songs and it communicates with audience. So I'm also having fun and sometimes I walk toward the audience.
Oh really? Instantly?
Yes. Its format is to have fun with audiences and it is really fun. Working with senior actors helped me to learn more about acting. There is no tension and we sing throughout an hour and 50 minute show. Now I want to try more.

Do you have any character or work that you want to try?
Well, I'm a fan of thriller movies. I want to try a character like Park Hae il's role in the movie 'Memories of murder.' It is not something common.

Is there any role model for you?
I'm a close frined of actor Cho Jung seok. I want to make careers in musical and try drama or movies like him.

Son Seung won, 24 years old, has been in two movies so far. The works are all by director Kang Woo seok and he found interests of working at field from those movies. In movie "G-love," he was a supporting actor but had many spotlights.

Along with director Kang Woo seok, he prefers director Yoon Jong bin who directed , , and . The reason he likes his works is because he let audiences interpret the end. Son desires mannish from boyish.

Any strength of taking a main role? What do you appeal at auditions?
Young passions? I try anything very hard and they like me for that. I look very boyish but my voice is pretty low. I believe that they like me for those characteristics.

You mean unexpected charms?
Yes. I am different from how I look on surface. I have more mannish characteristics in fact and they like me for that. I don't talk so much and I am shy also.

I heard you have many fans.
Yes, older girls.. haha. The age range of musical fans is pretty high, so older girl fans like me more. 

How do you feel when you see fans on your way home? Do you have any impressive fan?
It takes about 30 minutes taking care of things after the show is over. And even it takes for a long time, some fans wait for me and I'm thankful.

Any pretty fan?
Hmm, yea. Haha. There are some fans who ask for phone numbers and ask quietly to have a date. I remember the most who analyze the show.

Were you interested in someone who asked for a date?
Hmm, I would keep a distance even if I liked.  

You have a girlfriend, don't you?
No, I don't. Haha

If Song Joong ki is known for milkiness skin, Son Seung won has honey skin. When looking at Son, so many people just think of Song Joong ki. They look that much alike. When people say that they look alike, he thanks them and says that he will find his own charms.

Being truthful is also one of his charms. He has women fans more and they all want to know his secrets to beauty tips. Son has tight skins and it attracts attention. 

You know you have good skin, right?
Yea, I do. Haha. When I did comedy play, I had to do a lot of ad lib. And when I said that "I am who I am. I have honey skin. Good skin." people were applauding.

I heard you like fashion. What do you prefer?
I like casual. I don't have something specific in mind but I try to buy something that looks good on me. Since my skin tone is white, I think I look better in bright colors. I like red padding or blue pants.

A ring on your finger is unique.
Yes, I like accessories. I put on rings or necklaces.

Now, we will ask more for beauty tips. How do you do skin care?
I don't go to doctors but care for cleansing. Before washing my face, I wash hands first and then wash with warm water. Then I rewash with cold water. When I feel dry after putting on lotion, I do aloe pack or mist pack once a week.

Is there any skin problems for men that women don't know? What do you worry about?
Well, my skin is very dry but around nose is oily. Men care a lot for that. I put on thick makeup for the show and after cleansing, I see wrinkles. I heard that dry skin get wrinkles easily. I do extra care for cleansing.

Do you recommend anything for people who have similar skin problem?
I use very soft products. Some chemical products give me troubles. For men, care after shaving is really important. 

For last, what type of women attracts you the most?
I don't like women in thick makeup. I prefer little.

You like someone who's naturally pretty!
I like people without makeup. I think it's prettier.

What kind of products does he use?

Dr. Jart Ceramidin liquid
Coreana Lavida homme
Nature Republic Triple EX Treatment mask
LAB series Pro LS All-in-one Face Treatment

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