[Star&Style] ‘Style Wannabe’ Do You Wish To Dress Like Park Soo Jin?

[by Oh Ara] When picking out the people receiving the most attention recently she cannot be missed. She, who is a ‘style wannabe’, has a ‘bodyline that everybody wants to steal’, and is ‘beautiful even when she is eating,’ has become ‘Bae Young Jun’s fiancée’.

The items that Park Soo Jin, a true ‘Style Icon’ with the beauty and fashion style that has captured the hearts of all females, wears and applies all have become the center of attention.

The ‘Park Soo Jin Look’ shown through Park Soo Jin’s appearance on television programs, at events, at the airport, and through her SNS account, is loved by both males and females and are popular enough to appear in the top searched keywords online.

What are some styling points to know if one wishes to dress like Park Soo JIn?

Style#1. Advertisement Model & Airport Fashion

As the photoshoot of Park Soo Jin, who is the brand model of a bag brand, was released, not only did the bags receive attention, but her clothes did as well.

As an individual with a good sense of style, she was able to portray various looks. Although short, her good proportions allowed her to pull off various looks such as casual, girlish, and chic.

Matching a casual t-shirt, white shorts with a light cardigan can create a feminine yet cute look. A chic all-black look can be matched with grey shorts to expose the leg-line, a see-through shoulder blouse, and gladiator sandals - which are popular in  summer - to create a comfortable and chic look.

Stye#2. Eating Shows That Reveal Fashion Trends!

Park Soo Jin is known to be beautiful even when she eats. As a 5-year host of O’live Network’s ‘2015 Tasty Road’, the clothes and makeup that she has on every episode receive just as much attention as the restaurants that are introduced.

She portrays different concepts and fashion styles according to the mood of the restaurant.
Her various dress styles especially receive a lot of attention and are enough to come up as a top related search when her name is searched.

This season Park Soo Jin was able to show a cool colored dress look along with a comfortable t-shirt style. Although she can pull off wearing just a t-shirt and jeans, she created various looks by matching simple white tees or vivid colored t-shirts with various bottom items.

Style#3. Instagram

The daily fashion styles of Park Soo Jin, now the ‘Style Wannabe’ of many females, are also popular as well.

Her daily looks are all so different and pretty that it makes viewers want to dress the same way. She stated that she prefers and enjoys wearing comfortable and simple styles more than elaborate styles.

She knows how to style herself even with basic items such as striped shirts, blouses, cardigans, and denim shirts. (photos by: LeShop, orYANY, Park Soo Jin’s Instagram, bntNews DB)

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