The Secret of Actresses’ Glowing Skin Is Mask Pack!

[by Kim Min Seo] Women are agonizing for their lusterless and rough skin because of the big daily temperature range and dry weather.

But actresses always keep their glowing skin throughout any season. What kind of beauty know-how do they have?

Being busy all the time, they usually don’t have much time to receive skin cares and their must-have item is mask pack. Stars attract lots of people’s attention by revealing their beauty know-hows while using mask pack in a various ways. Let’s check it out together.

□■Jun Jihyun’s Beauty know-how

Jun Jihyun is well-known for her flawless skin. People’s attention is focused on her skin, which is even impeccable for a close shot.

She chose mask pack as the best item for her skin care. Her skin became sensitive and worn out after heavy makeups so she steadily uses it to soothe her skin and provide nutrition.

She confided that her hidden beauty tip is to use natural mask packs that she often makes with wine, lemon and a kitchen towel when she has time at home.

□■Hwang Jung Eum’s Beauty Know-how

Hwang Jung Eum has a shining dewy skin with healthy moisture and many women are jealous about it.

One of the most well-known secrets of her skin care is mask pack. She said that she maintains her skin using it several times a day.

Also she added that she buys mask packs in bulk, for at least 100 at once which she stacks up in the refrigerator.

□■The Recommendation of Beauty Item by Beauty Editor

A.    It’s a soft cotton mask soaked in SK-II Facial Treatment Mask Pitera TM that provides abundant moisture for skin

B.    Valmont Nature Moisturizing With A Mask: with its vegetable and alpha aromatic content, the mask has a high moisturizing power that helps to have a comfortable skin.

C.    [Editor’s Pick] Daycell Dr.Vita Vitamin E Mask: well-known as a drugstore’s cosmetics, Daycell Vitamin E Mask is very efficient for delicate and sensitive skins. A high quality moisture effect will do a hypoallergenic care for dry and sensitive skins. The product’s 2 characteristics are whitening and wrinkle improvement.

D.    BIOTHERM Source Therapy 7 Mask: A mineral sheet mask to softly and moistly care skin as if you just came out of a hot spring.

E.    shu uemura Red Juvenus Stretch Mask: it’s a super stretch sheet that contains dipeptide to improve skin’s tone.

(photo by Daycell, Sk-II, Valmont, Biotherm, Shu Uemura, bntnews DB) 


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Write: 2015-05-20 19:32:21 / Update: 2015-07-16 18:10:40

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