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“Kitschy, Kitschy~”… Kitschy Coordination To Stand Out More In 2015

[by Yang Wansun] Any fashion people who love fashion would probably want to create an outfit that can make them stand out from others. The fashion styling that reflects such s desire the best is the kitschy look, which has become a trend since 2014.

It is not an exception for stars. Trend-leading fashionstas especially pay attention to who stand out the most at official meetings, and they apply all of their own fashion sense to stand out more and look more beautiful.

Goo Ha Ra, Oh Yoon Ah, and Park Su Jin are all commonly recognized fashionista’s. It is because their styling sets an example for other stars and leads the public trend. You can learn more about kitschy coordination to stand out more in 2015 by examining their fashion at official meetings.

▶ Goo Ha Ra – Kitschy Cute Look Using Patterns and Prints

Goo Ha Ra of KARA completed a cute kitschy style by wearing a knit t-shirt in harmony with star-shaped prints and stripes on a blue flared miniskirt. She then gave a feminine point by matching a pair of black high heels with this cute look.

A loose-fit cardigan can make a ‘full-donald’ look, and destroyed jeans or worn-out denim pants with patches attached help create a unique kitschy look. Furthermore, a beanie hat or thickly-knitted hat can give a trendy point.

Tulle clothes that are commonly used in see-through looks can also work for sexy looks, and unique patterns or prints on them add kitschy-ness to a sexy look. A tulle one piece dress with flower prints will bring more femininity.

▶ Oh Yoon Ah – Kitschy Look With Strong Colors And Patterns

Oh Yoon Ah, who still boasts a perfect body despite getting older, completed a chic and feminine kitschy look with a strong red and black striped one piece dress, black stockings, and red high heels.  

The strong color itself can make a kitschy look that stands out, but it will become more perfect when patterns are added. If you styled yourself with a vivid yellow one piece dress, you can give a point by choosing a black pattern and sunglasses.

You will have a kitschier look if you add a unique typography print to checks, 2014’s popular print. You can also coordinate your style with a bag that has the same pattern, or appeal your street look with a snapback or sunglasses.

▶ Park Su Jin – Kitschy Look Using Checked Patterns And Leather Pants

Fashionista Park Su Jin also displayed a kitschy look that uses checks. She completed a chic and kitschy style with a black and white check-patterned coat, a white color t-shirt, and leather pants.

Leather is a commonly-used material in a kitschy look. You can have a mix-n-match of various styles with a kitschy look as a base, depending on the clothes you’ll coordinate leather with. If you wear a white loose sweater, you can add cuteness to the kitschy look.

If you match a leather bra-top on a white blouse, you will be able to express kitschy-ness with unique styling. You can coordinate a kitschy look according to patterns, colors, and prints. (Photo by: Style Nanda, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2015-03-19 14:10:01 / Update: 2015-05-11 15:16:04

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