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Special ‘Night Care’ of Skin Beauties

[by Song Eun Ji] What do Han Ye Seul, Hye Ri, Park Shin Hye, Victoria, Yui, and Koo Ha Ra share in common?

It is that they have a clean and milky-white skin that is envied by all women. Their secret to maintaining such perfect skin despite having an irregular lifestyle due to busy schedules is ‘Night Care.’
Their diligence is in not forgetting to perform skin care and wash their face meticulously no matter how tired they are. Let’s remember that it is the secret to skin beauties’ perfect skin.

Why Is ‘Night Care’ Important?

The span from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. is considered a ‘golden time zone’ for skin care. It is not only because cells get revitalized but also because the hormone that helps to maintain consistent skin thickness is secreted the most during that time.

If you don’t want your skin to reflect the passing of time, do not neglect night care. The aging speed of your skin becomes significantly different depending on how much effort you put into night care.

How To Do ‘Night Care’ At Home

STEP 1 Facial Wash That Doesn’t Irritate Skin

What you should do right after you come home from outside is to wash your face. Remove makeup and skin wastes cleanly with a foam cleanser made of natural surfactant bubbles that have no chemical ingredients to avoid irritating skin. You can have a more perfect facial wash if you use a pore brush at this time.

01 ‘KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser’ A mild foam cleanser that does not irritate skin with natural surfactant bubbles. Containing more than 90% of deep water from the sea of Ulleung-do, acer mono sap of Usan in Ulleung-do, and natural vegetable ingredients, this cleanser does not only eliminate skin wastes but also maintains moisture inside skin.

02 ‘KICHO Bubble Pore Brush’ A pore brush that helps clean deep inside pores with its dense 0.05mm ultrafine hair. It is easy to dry the brush since it has a built-in magnet.

STEP 2 Serum That Supplies Moisture To Skin

After facial wash, lightly remove water off your face with a clean towel or beauty tissue. Before your face is completely dried, put a moisturizing water-gel type serum all over your face to be absorbed into skin. Remember that your skin can stay moisturized as long as serum is applied to it for the first time within 3 minutes right after facial wash.  

‘Innisfree The Green tea Seed Serum’ A serum that contains green tea seeds squeezed from fresh green tea leaves harvested in Jeju-do. It helps moisture stay in skin for a long time without being dried.

STEP 3 Prevent Eye Wrinkles With Eye Cream

You should pay attention to wrinkle care if you want to keep a younger-looking skin even after time passes. What you have to take care of in particular is the eye area where wrinkles can form easily due to thin skin. Apply eye cream or eye essence on eyes, mouth wrinkles, forehead, and other concerned parts and lightly pat them to be absorbed into skin.

‘LANCOME Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl’ An eye essence that has combined Genefique’s technology to a new-concept 360-degree rotating applicator. It effectively solves skin concerns in the eye area such as eye wrinkles, drooping, and dullness.

STEP 4 Putting Moisture Film On Skin With Highly-Moisturizing Nourishing Cream

The last step of night care is the use of a highly-moisturizing nourishing cream. Since it has to deliver nutrients to deep inside skin, you should apply moisture film-coating cream with rich creamy texture on the face and neck. Do not forget that film-coating cream that strongly holds moisture is the ‘final touch’ of night care.’

‘KICHO Phyto Natural Moisture Cream’ A nourishing cream of which a patented natural mixture and vegetable-gemmule ingredients, extracted from germinated beans, put moisture film on the skin. It not only adheres to the skin without stickiness but also protects skin health with its complex functions such as whitening, skin soothing, and moisturizing.
(Photo by: KICHO, Innisfree, Lancome, bntnews DB)

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