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3 Types Of Fashion: Actresses That Grabs The Eyes Of Men

[by Yang Wansun] The VIP premiere of movie ‘C’est Si Bon’ was held on the 2nd of February at Yeongdeungpo CGV. Among movie premieres,VIP ones has many celebrities attending; getting a lot of attention.

 ‘C’est Si Bon’ VIP premiere was no different. Hwangwoo Seulhye, Jeon Jiyeon, Lee Chunhee, Bae Subin, and Lee Bon attended the event, but Nam Jihyun, Jung Somin, and IU were the most noticeable. They showed fashion styles that made many men’s heart flutter.
Their fashion, which looked like the S/S collection of 2015, reminded us of spring, and had cuteness in common. Let us look at the three lively and spring-like fashionista’s styling.

▶ Actress Nam Jihyun – White Dot Blouse and Black Miniskirt

Nam Jihyun, who is starred in  KBS’s weekend drama, ‘What’s With This Family’ as Kang Seoul, showed a cute styling with a white blouse, a black miniskirt, black stockings, and black high heels. The point in her styling was the dotted pattern of her white blouse.

The white blouse is womanly and neat while having a cute styling. When matched with casual denim pants, it can also give a ‘normcore-look.’ It can also be worn with the front part of the shirt tucked in to make it more natural.
When the blouse is added with patterns, a ‘mix’n’match-look’ is possible with the ‘cute-look’ and ‘kitsch-look.’ A ‘cute-look’ can be made with blue patterns and a trendy look is made when a hat or glasses are worn.

▶ Actress Jung Somin – Kitsch Cropped Knit Shirt and Frill Skirt

Jung Somin, who starred in the KBS drama ‘Big Man’ as Kang Jina, wore a kitsch print cropped knit shirt and frill skirt to successfully display a trendy and cute styling.
The cropped style was popular in 2014 and is expected to continue its popularity in 2015 as well. In this cold weather, the knit cropped shirt can give a cute style with the lively frill skirt.
When choosing a cropped knit shirt, boxy items can hide the body line and maximize cuteness. Matching this with a boxy skirt is another tip.

▶Singer IU-Pink ‘School-look’ Styling

The national sister IU wore a light pink sweater and a black miniskirt with beige socks and ivory high heels, giving a present of cuteness to her male fans.
IU’s sweater had a white neck and navy stripe pattern which gave it a marine look. This was matched with the skirt to display a school-look. The ‘school-look,’ which looks like a school uniform, can help you look younger and cuter.
If you want to look neat but cute in school style, it is recommended to choose dresses that both have white and black. The style becomes perfect with white ribbons or ties to act as points.
(photo by STYLENANDA, Bntnews DB)

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Write: 2015-02-12 22:01:58 / Update: 2015-05-11 15:16:52

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