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Drama 'SPY', A Usual Family Is Endangered For What?

[by Woorim Ahn, photo by Kwon Hee Jung] How would you feel if one of your family members is a spy? KBS new drama 'SPY' depicts a warm family story, but at the same time, it has the stories of hidden dangers of a specific family.

The production and press conference of KBS drama 'SPY' was held on January 6 at the Grand Ball Room of Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul. Bae Jong Ok, Kim Jaejoong, Yoo Oh Sung, Ko Sung Hee, Kim Min Jae, Cho Dal Hwan, Ryu Hye Young and main producer Park Hyun Suk gathered altogether to hold production and press conference.

First of all, the event began with KBS Drama Department Director's short speech. He said, "KBS and the producer tried their best to contact with original drama of 'SPY', which is Israel drama 'MICE'. They could finally get permission and reproduce the drama into Korean version." 

After the short speech of the director, a 10-minute preview video of the drama was on the screen. Although it was short, the video left a strong impression of the actors and actresses starring in the drama - it was more likely a movie.

It was the producer who started to tell about the drama. He introduced his drama by saying, "I tried my best to produce laughter for everyone. I could make it possible since there were many actors and actresses that decided to work with me. From the first episode to the last one, I will put everything into this work to make the audience laugh and enjoy."

Since it was first time for Jaejoong to star in KBS dramas, he revealed his thoughts about it. He kept saying "I like it" over and over again to highlight his thrill of appearing in KBS drama. About a question asking his tips in kiss scenes, he said, "I think Ko Sung Hee is an alluring actress. After a romance scene with her, it lingers in my mind. As much as this, she is a great actress." Despite of a mischievous question, he kindly answered without being embarrassed. 

What would Bae Jong Ok think about her character Hyerim since she is a former spy and devotes herself for her family? She mentioned, “I chose to play a role of spy since I liked the scenario. When I got the synopsis, I really enjoyed reading it.”

Yoo Oh Sung, who is the villain of the drama, said about his role, “I feel a great responsibility about this drama. Whatever my role does in it, I will trust what the producer and scriptwriter tell and follow their directions.”

Jaejoong’s colleague Cho Dal Hwan mentioned about Kim Jaejoong’s first impression, “When I first saw him face to face, I was surprised at his good look. I thought he was a character from a cartoon. Actually, before I met him, many of my colleagues kept complementing him, so I was curious how he really would be and he is really nice and kind. He looks a bit cold and chic, but he is not” and praised Jaejoong.

During the interview, Ko Sung Hee got a question about her happening at the 2014 MBC Drama Awards. She showed up behind MCs while they were hosting the event. About this, she said, “I didn’t mean to do it. It was my first time to attend the event, so I was nervous from the beginning of the awards, so I couldn’t pay attention to what other people do after they received the awards. Actually, I was pretty well-known as a person who easily gets lost.”

While the interview was going on, Kim Jaejoong didn’t forget to express his appreciation towards his fans. He mentioned, “Since my fans keep sending various things to the filming site, I can become bolder at the site. The casts and staff always appreciate me and treat me well, but this is all because of my beloved fans.”

Since the drama has many competitive programs, the main role Kim Jaejoong listed the reasons why the audience should watch ‘SPY’. He said, “It airs on KBS and as I know of, this is first time for KBS to try this genre. Moreover, since the drama will air two episodes a day, the audience doesn’t have to wait for the other episode.”

He also made his pledge with a condition. He mentioned, “If the audience view percentage goes higher than 10%, I will invite 30 North Korean defectors and give presents to them.”

Would Kim Jaejoong make his pledge come true? Drama ‘SPY’ has a unique story unlike typical love story dramas. Jaejoong’s family in the drama has to deceive each other for the family. Among the conflicts, the drama will depict growth and reconciliation between the family members.

Meanwhile, KBS mini-series ‘SPY’ will air two episodes a day on Fridays at 9:50pm. (photo by bntnews DB)

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